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Due to Federal Law, this offer is not valid for Medicare or Medicaid patients. This offer is valid for consultation and services provided on first visit. All services rendered after the initial date will be subject to the typical insurance or cash fee schedule. Payment of services for this offer will not be submitted to insurance or applied to any deductible. This offer applies only to first time cash patients and will not be utilized for Personal Injury or Workers Compensation related cases.

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At Restoration Health, this $1 Chiropractic visit and adjustment was born during the pandemic to assist with people in our community impacted by COVID 19 pandemic. This allowed us to help members of our community that had lost their job or their health insurance to still be able to receive the chiropractic care they require for their health. This is just another way the top Sugar Land Chiropractors at Restoration Health are helping the community.

We have continued this special, because we understand life can still be hectic and people may still be suffering without a job or the health insurance they previously had to assist them with their care. At Restoration Health we are doing our part to help those impacted in our community receive the care they need even during these trying times.

It is natural to have questions about deals that sound too good to be true, and having a chiropractic visit for only $1 sounds too good to be true. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this chiropractic special.

Q: What all do I get for the $1 Chiropractic Visit and Adjustment?

A: For the $1 Chiropractic Visit and Adjustment, the patient will receive an initial examination by the doctor and based on this examination, adjustments will be performed if medically necessary. During the examination, the doctor will determine what injuries or conditions are creating the symptoms you suffer from and discuss how we can go about correcting these issues so you can restore your health.

This is where the doctor will recommend a treatment plan to help restore your health. While there are no obligations, the treatment is designed to not simply make you feel better, but to actually help correct the issues creating your symptoms so you can actually be better.

Q: What if I need more than an adjustment to make me better?

A: The $1 chiropractic visit and adjustment includes only the examination and the adjustment if needed. This is done to follow the regulations required for chiropractic care rendered under a special offer. The treatment plan the doctor discusses with you will include a discussion on what additional therapies would be beneficial in your recovery. The doctor will explain what each of these therapies intends to do, and how those outcomes will improve your health. Each treatment plan is tailored to specific patients to maximize your recovery process. At Restoration Health, we understand that every person is unique even if injuries are similar. This is what has made us the top Sugar Land Chiropractors and sets us apart from the rest. 

Q: Will I need more than one visit?

A: That will be determined at the time of examination. The doctor will have a conversation with you regarding your injuries and discuss what treatment or treatments will be necessary for your recovery process. The number of visits will be part of this discussion and will be put in terms of a treatment plan. This treatment plan is simply the plan the doctor knows is the best path towards restoring your health and correcting the issues which are producing your pain. 

Q: Do I need to complete this treatment plan?

A: The treatment plan is designed by the doctor to help restore your health based upon the examination and the extent of your injuries. At Restoration Health we understand that your injuries are preventing you from enjoying certain aspects of your life. Our goal is to restore your health as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that following your treatment plan is important to complete this goal. 

Should a patient not complete their assigned treatment plan, the goal may not be realized.  You have come to Restoration Health due to our expertise in helping you with your injuries. This is what has made us the top Sugar Land Chiropractors and sets us apart from the rest. Let our expertise guide you in the path to recovery, so we can not only make you feel better, but also correct the issues plaguing you so you can actually be better.

Q: Once I complete a treatment plan what happens?

A: Once you complete your treatment plan, we will release you from care with a final set of home instructions. Depending on the injury or injuries you had, these instructions will vary. For some patients, we simply wish them the best and inform them that we are here should you require our services in the future. For other patients, we may perform follow-ups periodically to ensure the home care program we provided is performing to the proper standards and preventing any potential relapses of their injuries. For patients which suffered severe injuries, we may have a consistent treatment plan to maintain their health.

As with the treatment plan, the home instructions are there for your benefit. We tailor these instructions to each person, and when followed, will continue to improve your health even when not in our office. We take this extra step because as the top Sugar Land Chiropractors at Restoration Health, we want to help our patients even when they are not in our office.

Q: Can I use the $1 Chiropractic Exam and Adjustment more than once?

A: No, unfortunately you cannot use this special more than once. This special is designed for an initial consultation to be performed with the patient. Once performed, these patients will pay the normal prices for our services on future visits. We have affordable cash pricing to continue your treatment plan, and for the most up to date pricing please contact us and our staff would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Should you have any questions on the $1 chiropractic exam and adjustment not answered here in the frequently asked questions, please contact our office for further assistance.

Should you wish to see some of the patients we have helped in the past, please visit the Testimonials tab to see some of our happy patients. These patients testimonials will show why we are the top Sugar Land Chiropractors and why Restoration Health is the best place to help with your health care.