Thank you for joining me again when Missy evening. Iím down to Harrison Campbell Restoration Health a Premier sugar land chiropractors office. Tonight we will be discussing the importance of stretching the neck and shoulders. One not as common as tight hamstrings are tight neck and shoulder musculature very common problem in the American populace. Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders lead to stiffness in the neck headaches irritability severe pain and in some cases numbness in tingling into the upper extremity.

Similar to the tight hamstring, most sugar land chiropractors will agree that stretching for a minimum of twenty seconds is required to have any change in the length of the muscle. This is due to the fact that muscles are elastic meaning stretchable tissue. Stretching for less than twenty seconds will not create lasting changes in the muscle length it will only be temporary. However if you hold the stretch for a minimum of twenty to twenty five seconds the body is internal mechanisms such as mechano receptors and golgi tendon organs will create a lasting increase in muscle length.
To this affect any stretches Restoration Health provides will be a minimum of twenty seconds per side. This is to ensure that the time you spent stretching will be effective time and you will see the benefits from the stretching exercises to perform.

The three main stretches with your performance by patient of Restoration Health at top Sugar land chiropractors office include stretching the trapezius Didnít leave it or scapula and the sub occipital muscles. Letís start with the trapezius stretch. The trapezius stretch and tails placing one hand in the small of your back while using the opposite hand to reach up over the top of your head and rest gently on the opposite side of the head. You will then laterally flexed the head generating a stretch along the side of the neck going into the top of the shoulder.It is important to note that his stretch should only have the discomfort associated with stretching there should be no sharp pains. Should a sharp pain develop stop the stretching immediately and bring this topic up to the doctors at Restoration Health on your next appointment.

The next stretch we will cover will be the leave it or scapula stretch. Believe it or scapula stretch similar to the trapezius stretch start with one hand being placed at the small the back. The opposite hand will reach up over the head to the back of the head bringing the chicken into the armpit of the raised arm. This stretch really felt going down the back of the neck towards the shoulder blade.
The final stretch the suboccipital stretch is commonly referred to by Sugar land chiropractors as a chin tuck. While looking straight ahead you will focus on drawing the chin back towards the spine. This should be done without raising or lowering the head. The stretch of should be felt at the base of the skull.

Performing each of these three stretches three times or three repetitions twice daily for a minimum of twenty seconds per repetition would be a great start towards helping to alleviate tight muscles in the neck. Most sugar land chiropractors will agree that a combination of stretching exercise and adjustments will cover and help alleviate a majority of the neck complaints people suffer from.
We have discussed the stretches themselves now let us dive more in depth to the long-term problems of chronic tight muscles. Tight muscles or not as are commonly called have a variety of impacts on your overall health. The most basic one involves toxins. Each cell in our body through its own basic metabolism generates waste products. These waste products are excreted from the cells into the bloodstream where they are filtered out either of the kidney or the liver. The knots in the muscle however impede The blood flow allowing for a buildup of the toxins in the muscles. This buildup has no way to be excreted from the body and the stays in the muscles.

The second side effect of chronically tight muscles is one all sugar land chiropractors will agree upon. This is altered biomechanics due to an in balance and muscle tension. Tight muscles will affect the way the body moves thereby causing undue stress on certain joints which can cause them to wear out faster than they should be. This where in tear of the joints can lead to other problems such as osteoarthritis joint pain and potential he surgery.

Let us in but discussing in general terms the benefits of stretching. Most people would agree that after stretching you feel in essence better. The simple act of getting up in the morning and stretching awakens the body stimulates blood flow and get you prepped for the day. His benefit is it measures it necessarily something that you can quantify but most people except the general sense feeling better after stretching. For Sugar land chiropractors in and we attempt to quantify this feeling of better. Muscle tension McCanna receptors pain receptors all of the signals travel to the brain your brain interprets these constantly. By having proper muscle tension resetting knees McCanna receptors decreasing the pain receptors that general sense of feeling better comes about. The body is all about homeostasis which means balance. This balance is in temperature, hydration, muscle tension, and many more. By helping our body maintain this homeostasis, we generate a wellness feeling. This area touches closely to the chemistry in the brain which we will leave for another podcast.

Thank you for joining me once again this evening. I do hope that you find these talks educational and you are learning beneficial information from them. Please feel free to contact Restoration Health and Premier Sugar land chiropractors office in the area so that we may schedule an appointment to get you on the path to health and happiness as quickly as possible. Thank you once again and good night.