Good evening this is Dr. Harrison Campbell once again. Tonight is a Sugar land chiropractors weíre going to be discussing decompression. And itís simplest form decompression really means taking pressure off of the spine. For a complex answer what weíre doing is taking pressure off the intravertebral discës along and heal properly which decreases neurological symptoms also known as nerve symptoms. Heís neurological symptoms are often described as sharp shooting painës burning or bolt of lightning.As you can see the symptoms are not conducive to an active lifestyle or a good quality of life. Now Restoration Health will utilize decompression to help you with these neurological symptoms is sharp shooting pains heís burning pains is bolt of lightning so that you can have the active lifestyle that you want.The decompression table that we use the triton table would use his belt and a computer controlled mechanism to apply specific wait to either the cervical spine where the lumbar spine to decompress the disks.

These weights or adjusted depending on the patient the symptoms the patient is experiencing and how far along in a treatment plan the patient is. Thereís a Sugar land chiropractors it is our job to Taylor make any treatment plan to the patient not make the patient fit the treatment plan.As search decompression is a very comfortable therapy and with the neurological symptoms that people experience from disc injuries the decompression table is one of the few times that they can have a good rest and I search the rooms have a good ambience along the patience to rest while theyíre on decompression. Decompression takes eight minutes per session and we combine that with other therapies to alleviate those disc problems. Most Sugar land chiropractors do not have decompression tables which allows

Restoration Health to stand apart and that we can offer to people who have this problem is.This enables us to treat a wider variety of patients in most† Sugar land chiropractors are able to do. Therefore you can know that by coming to Restoration Health we have the tools needed to treat whatever condition you have when you come to us. I have used decompression therapy in my clinic now for three years in the level of results which we create using decompression is astounding. Iíve had people come into my office unable to walk and after a few sessions theyíre able to walk upright. Actually thereís been a few patients that Iíve had whoíve had to been with wheeled into the office in between decompressionAdjustments and physical therapy where we were able to restore their quality of life. All Sugar land chiropractors are good chiropractors but being a good chiropractor without the tools required to get somebody better doesnít help patients.Therefore this train decompression table set us apart from other chiropractors in the area allowing us to treat you better more fully in more holistically. So please call us at your earliest convenience so that way we can get you an appointment set up we can do an examination and determine what treatment plan is required to get you back to your Optimal lifestyle. It should be known that sugar land chiropractors are fully capable of treating these disc injuries in a variety of methods but decompression allows you to return to that healthy lifestyle you want quicker. Never let it be known that Restoration Health does not have the tools needed to get you better. And Restoration Health we have used decompression table is to treat Workerís Comp. and Jerryís car accidents slips and falls weekend warriors people of had previous back surgeries all to great effect. Therefore nothing should be holding you back from seeking out decompression should this be at therapy that can benefit you. If youíre looking for Sugar land chiropractors Restoration Health can be that chiropractor who can do decompression for you.

Your logical symptoms experienced from my cervical decompression or neck or ones it go down in the arms hands and fingers. This is why when you have those sharp pains in your arms or numbness and tingling in your fingers or feels like answer crawling on you or youíre dropping things more than youíre used to doctors typically look at your neck. This is because the nerves which go under the arms and hands and fingers come off of the spinal cord at the next level and therefore disc herniationës in the neck affect those nerves. Now if the disc herniation is severe enough it will move past affecting the nerves and affect the spinal cord itself and which case you get symptoms throughout the rest of the body. This is usually not the case however. Disc herniationís in the low back crease symptoms in the butt ox legs feet and toes. Similar to the neck you can experience a sharp shooting painës numbness in tingling or feels like ants are crawling on you you can stumble while youíre walking you and you donít know where your feet are you have to look down when your way Or you have Discord difficulty using the restroom.For Sugar land chiropractors are schooling has made as well versed in the Nuro musculoskeletal conditions disc herniationís neuralgia or nerve pain numbness in tingling muscle weakness all of these are signs that we have been trained in our educated in dealing with.

Therefore a chiropractor in most instances for neuromusculoskeletal conditions is the type of doctor you should seek.Thank you for joining me again this evening I hope this was an educational podcast for you. I hope you understand the benefits of decompression both the cervical and lumbar spine. I hope you understand the neurological components of a disc injury and why theyíre so severe. Should you have any future questions please feel free to reach out to Restoration Health so that we made that we may get you scheduled and answer any and all questions that you may have. Have a good evening enjoy your memorial day and hopefully youíll join us again next time.