Thank you for joining me once again for these nightly podcasts. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell owner and chiropractor at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Should you require a chiropractors help please contact us today so that we may schedule you an appointment. In tonights podcast we will be discussing the artificial sweeteners and particularly the one in the pink packet. You will all know which once that is correct?
Artificial sweeteners are as the name implies sweetening agents which are artificially created. This is usually done in order to reduce calories or the quantity of sugar in something. There is a veritable rainbow of these artificial sweeteners on the market. We will discuss them in broad topics first then move specifically into the history of one particular pink artificial sweetener.
As sugar land chiropractors can tell you something is sweet because of the taste receptors on the tongue. This is cranial nerve one for the brain and each of these receptors provides a different taste sensation to the brain. Sweet is one of those that really grabs some people. I myself am more of a savory or salty person however.
Sugar was the original sweet sensation for our tongues, but could not be consumed by everyone. At the start, artificial sweeteners were developed for the use in diet products particularly drinks. This was important especially for diabetics in the early days as this allows them to enjoy these beverages without overloading themselves with sugar and requiring more insulin. They quickly developed into a whole portion of the nutritional spectrum in order to make thing quote un quote healthier.
The first problem with artificial sweeteners we will discuss is the destination of our sweet receptors because of the nature of these artificial sweeteners. As sugar land chiropractors who are versed in nutrition can tell you most artificial sweeteners are more sweet than sugar naturally is. This becomes problematic due to the desensitization I mention earlier. Artificial sweeteners overload our sweet receptor which will make naturally sweetened treats seem less sweet than they would normally. This in turn leads to more sugar consumption in order to attain that same level of sweetness. It is like drinking two normal black coffees for years then switching to four double shot espressos for a year and trying to return to the same two black coffees and maintain the same level of caffeination. It will not be possible. The espresso has more caffeine that black coffee and you will grow use to the extra caffeine espresso has making you have to drink more black coffee than previously to attain the same caffeinated feeling as before.
The second problem with artificial sweeteners we will discuss is the chemical compounds themselves. There are many people who will happily discuss the negatives of aspartame as a sweetener. As sugar land chiropractors verse in nutrition will tell you natural is always better than artificial. What this means is that a naturally occurring substance like sugar is a known entity for the body. Thos body knows this substance and will break it down in a known process. Artificial chemicals add variables into this equation. A good example pf this is with medications. As sugar land chiropractors will tell you if you can avoid a medication through lifestyle change or diet and still maintain a healthy outcome do it. How often have you seen medication come out to fix a problem them a few years later there is some law firm saying if you or a loved one has suffered complications or death or this side effect contact us because you may be due financial compensation? This is because the medication which was created to solve problem A interacted with some bodily process in a negative way creating problem B or C.

Now onto the history of the pink artificial sweetener. Now this particular sweetener is four times sweeter than sugar. This sweetness was actually why it was created but it was not created as a sugar substitute. It was originally an insecticide. And what better way is there to get an insect to ingest the toxin than to make said insect want to eat it. You make something which is sweet and the bugs will eat it thus allowing the insecticide to work.
Now some of you ae asking if it is an insecticide why is it not toxic to me. We as sugar land chiropractors can tell you something is toxic to humans because it interferes with a bodily process. Carbon monoxide interferes with the transfer and binding of oxygen in the red blood cells. We inhale or ingest the carbon monoxide and it is in a form which can harm us. This artificial sweetener which started as an insecticide cannot be digested by humans. It is not toxic because we do not break it down into a toxic substance. It remains inert as far as toxicity goes as an insecticide.
Now personally I do not want to consume something which is an insecticide whether it is harmful to myself or not. I am sure sugar land chiropractors will agree with me on this. My opinion on the matter is eat healthy. By eating healthy you can have a cheat meal or a meal where it can be indulgent. That way you can due this meal properly. Get a bowl of ice cream put chocolate on top or whatever toppings you desire. Make it a good bowl of ice cream and do the job right then go back to eating healthy. You follow this occasional cheat meal and you can enjoy the sweeter things in life and still be healthy.

Thank you for joining us once again. I do hope you found this information educational and can take this information and improve your daily lives. As always should you or someone you know require the services of sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today. This way we can establish a treatment plan and return you to optimal health. Thank you and have a great evening. Good night.