Good evening, this is Dr. Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health. Tonight I figured we would go over the history of Restoration Health as we are one of the newer Sugar land chiropractors in the area. I started working with a Dr. Joseph Flood in 2016 which is where I began my time as one of the Sugar Land chiropractors servicing the personal injury area of the chiropractic community. For several years I work with Dr. Flood on perfecting my skills and becoming one of the best Sugar Land Chiropractors servicing the personal injury community in conjunction with the personal injury aspect of Dr. Floodís practice we also provided a much needed service for the Workerís Compensation at the time of me entering the Workerís Compensation Sugar Land chiropractors who did Workerís Compensation were few and far between and I was able to to fill this hole in a needed service. It is this experience as one of Sugar land chiropractors that is enabled me to become an expert in my field. Being one of the Sugar land chiropractors bring me a great sense of pride in being able to help this wonderful community.†

For Sugar land chiropractors there is a growing community to Service and we are at the forefront to be able to help people live fuller and healthier and happier lives. In 2018 Dr. Flood and fortunately passed away which is win I created Restoration Health.Restoration Health differs slightly from the experience moderate health provided but we still Maintain our goal of being the best Sugar land chiropractors in the area.† Restoration Health currently helps people in the areas of general practice Workerís Compensation and personal injury. It is this ability to service every aspect of chiropractic care that enables us to be one of the best chiropractic clinics for Sugarland and thus providing the best care for Sugarland. As chiropractors are known for a chiropractic manipulation we are experts in this field but that is not the only treatment week we can offer to people. One of the best treatments we have is physical therapy which in conjunction with a chiropractic manipulation provides better longer lasting results for the patients. And is this physical therapy which the longer-term benefits to the patients enabling them to have a healthy happy life style that they want.

By accessing all of these areas of chiropractic care we can treat anybody who seeks treatment in our office and we donít have to specialize in one branch to be expert in this branch. In conjunction with myself being the musculoskeletal expert I have highly trained physical therapist in the office who can provide the best care available and I will train staff to ensure that your care is done in a timely manner and everything ranging from your questions to insurance is handled as quickly as possible with as few complications as possible. Since graduating chiropractic school I have three years of experience under my belt to this point and this experience as mentioned previously is not to a single field but every aspect of chiropractic care. This makes me a jack of all tradesës but Iíd like to saying Jack all trades master of none I am a master of the musculoskeletal fields enable me to ride the best treatment plans and individualized treatment plans for my patients. Customer satisfaction is one of the greatest† Goals for Restoration Health and all of its staff members. We want to ensure that you were getting better as quickly as possible while also maintaining the The proper treatment plan to make sure that the results were getting or the results that we need. The saying at Restoration Health is getting you better the right way and we have this because getting better quickly it is not always the goal we want to make sure that you have the necessary functional range of motion which is just a fancy way of saying you can do everything you want to do when you want to do it.†

One of the greatest things that Restoration Health is understanding that people want to go back to what they were doing and not be inconvenienced by an injury whether this is injury on the job injury in a car accident personal injury or just every day eggs and pains. To this affects we do strive to maximize the results for each therapy that is done there by getting you the best results and ultimately getting you better the quickest. But again this brings to mind the saying getting better the right way. To further explain this saying we are intending to get you better as quickly as possible but during the healing process if itís not done correctly it Hass to be undone and then re-done there by wasting time in prolonging treatment. Therefore we avoid this by making sure itís done properly the first time thereby saving time getting people better as quickly as possible but still ensuring the greatest results possible.

To date we have helped hundreds of people in the sugar land area with problems ranging from a creek in the neck from sleeping wrong to a Workers Compensation injury where the patient in the following thirty five feet with multiple injuries. This wide range of patient injuries enables us to have the expertise the know how and the ability to provide you with care for any injury you may be suffering from. This means that no matter what you are suffering from if you contact Restoration Health or come in and See us you will get the best care possible for the sugar land area from the best staff the best therapist and the best doctors in the sugar land area. With this knowledge in mind do not hesitate to contact us immediately so that way we can get to work on solving your problems.
Hopefully that was In lightning talk about the history of both myself Dr. Harrison Campbell and Restoration Health as well as the staff.† Have a good evening and will see you next time on our brand new podcast Getting You Better the Right Way.