Good evening this is Dr. Harrison Campbell once again with another podcast. Thank you for joining us tonight will but we will be discussing joint dysfunction. For Sugar land chiropractors joint dysfunction at its core is dysfunction meaning decrease free range of motion typically and in a joint. This free range of motion is the small floating motion if you will join us supposed to have an any given time. Free motion is not the same as active range of motion and passive range of motion of a joint and these are simply motions that a static joint is capable of performing at any given time. A joint which is undergoing dysfunction does not have four free range of motion meaning the joint in stock and itís prevented from moving to route this free range of motion. What this means for the joint is that overtime the prom will become more and more severe creating more significant symptoms which can and will impact quality of life. The impact quality-of-life will continue to grow and the problem is will become greater and greater And will reach a point where there is lasting damages to the joint.

This lasting damage to the joint is known as arthritis and many Sugar land chiropractors believe that periodic maintenance meaning adjustments to help restore free range of motion to joints will allow a more normal wear and tear to the body.
Short term problems of joint dysfunction are usually asymptomatic meaning if there are no symptoms or you will not be aware of it but the most common symptoms that are experience and the early stages is it stiffness that tightness or pressure feeling in the joint that many people describe is it just needing to pop. There may be no pain associated with this but just because there is no pain does mean does not mean that there is no problem. For Sugar land chiropractors Including myself correcting a problem prior to pain being present is the optimal time for treatment. This is due to patient being able to avoid impact to their quality of life and their daily lifestyle.

Common symptoms of joint dysfunction want to paint has shit in our dull aches that are diffuse meaning they sprayed over a wide area. And facet joints in the spine the areas of this doll ache can be up into the head or down into the shoulder for the neck and I can be up and in the mid back down into the glutes and even down to just above the knee for the low back.
The typical treatment done by sugar land chiropractors for this type of joint dysfunction or adjustments often combined with therapeutic stretches or activities to help prevent this problem as best we can from reoccurring in the future. What these adjustments do is restore that free range of motion in the joint supposed to have there by illuminating the pain as well as the joint dysfunction.

The one topic that needs to be addressed with joint dysfunction however his inflammation which most Sugar land chiropractors will agree is the silent danger of joint dysfunction. Inflammation and itís core simply means excess fluid in an area in this case inside the joint capsule around the joint. What this information does pressure around the joint crate of normal range of motion not only at the joint with joint dysfunction but it create access range of motion and joint around the joint joint dysfunction. This causes am normal wear and tear on the joints leaving to that arthritis we mentioned earlier.
This arthritis we were discussing should not be confused with rheumatoid arthritis and that is a disease process different from the joint dysfunction disease process. For Sugar land chiropractors the osteoarthritis disease process can be reduced or at least slowed and patience which can provide a better quality of life as people age. By having healthier joints overall look and feel younger as we age stay more active as we age and their boy do more things we enjoy as we age.

Just doing more things we enjoy as we age is the reason that we are at Restoration Health one of the premier Sugar land chiropractors in the area strive so hard to educate not just our patients but the general public on these issues. With modern medicine everybody talks about the increased lifespan that we have however if we do not have a good quality wife if we do not have healthy joints this prolong life can be more detrimental and we are unable to enjoy it. This means addressing the problems before they progress, before the damage is done before the problem impacts your life. Society is being ingrained with the message that if there is no pain there is no problem. This is simply not true. The body does not like being in pain and more than you do. What this means is that it will avoid being in pain through compensation as best it can until it no longer can.
There is always a weak link. Once this link is broken the pain the body has been putting off will come into play. The best example of this I can provide is a cavity. When you wake up in the morning with a tooth ache and go to the dentist and he says you have a cavity the problem did not start that morning. The cavity was not created that morning. It had been developing for a time and when the pain came about the body could no longer compensate for the problem. Do not wait for your joint dysfunction to become the cavity. Get the problem corrected before you are in pain.
Thank you for joining me again this evening. I hope you enjoyed our discussion on joint dysfunction and some of the associated signs and symptoms. If you are in the process of looking for sugar land chiropractors please give Restoration Health a call that we may get you scheduled and on your way to a better healthier happier life style.