Good evening this is Dr. Harrison Campbell thank you for joining me again for these podcasts. Tonight will be what we will be discussing personal injury cases. From a Sugar land chiropractors personal injury is not something that they do. This is because either they view personal injury and itís too complicated they donít want to deal with the unusual paperwork required for personal injury or they donít feel that they are up to the task of adequately treating a personal injury case. In the case of Restoration Health we were created as a personal injury clinic my personal skills prior to opening Restoration Health or any personal injury setting therefore I am uniquely capable of not only treating your personal injury case but treating you to the standard that you should expect and therefore need. My first three years after graduating chiropractic school or I worked in a personal injury clinic they were exclusively personal injury clinics. Once I reach monarch health we branched out into major med workers comp things like that but still if I had the estimate I would say ninety percent plus was personal injury. As a Sugar Land chiropractors this allows me to treat a unique selection of patients in the Sugarland area. Combine this with our other services and we are capable of seeing a wide righty of patience and therefore can treat anybody who comes to our door. Personal injury as a whole is an injury were a third parties involved. Most common application for personal injury is motor vehicle accident and which case you have either several occupants in a single car involved in an accident or you have multiple cars involved in an accident. The biggest misconception with personal injury via car accidents is that it is one person suing another. This is not the case by law in the United States youíre wired to have car insurance. This car insurance is responsible for paying medical bills should you be injured due to a Notherës fault. This is where the billing complication coming to play for Sugar land chiropractors and other doctors and why am majority do not see personal injury patients.

The other aspects of personal injury include slips and falls which is really the main category. For slips and falls thereís not much to talk about typically the injuries or month or less complicated but in some instances you still do need an attorney to help you to get coverage for your medical bills.This is due to the fact that while companies are sympathetic towards you entering himself on your property when it comes time to pay for medical bills their sympathy seems to disappear. This is not to speak negatively towards companies because all companies are designed around keeping their doors open but they want to limit their expense in their expense in this case are your medical bills.

For Sugar land chiropractors slips and falls are less commonly treated the motor vehicle accidents again due to most people not feeling comfortable with the additional paperwork or formatting required for these types of incidents. While the majority of my past patients have not been slips and falls weíre at Restoration Health are perfectly capable of getting you the care you need and making sure that the paperwork is properly submitted so that way your case can smoke flow smoothly.
I briefly mentioned attorney or attorneys I should say in the previous paragraph attorneys are there to expedite youíre dealing with the insurance adjusters. Because it is often said by those who do personal injury or those involved in personal injury that it is a game. Now to the patients who are injured and hurting itís not a game but the insurance adjusters their main focus is to save the insurance company they work for money. In saving this money what this means for the patient who is injured and has medical bills to be covered is that they will attempt to not cover treatment surgeries or imaging that may be required due to your injuries. At Restoration Health one of the Premier Sugar land chiropractors in the area we work with the attorney that represents you to ensure that your case is handled as best as possible. What this means on my end is that we get you the care that you need in the time that you need it so that way you can go back to doing what you were doing prior to your injuries with Has a little inconvenient as possible.This working with your attorney is what sets Restoration Health apart from other Sugar land chiropractors who do personal injury. Having that good communication allows for your attorney to more effectively represent your case to the insurance company ensuring a better outcome for the care that you require.†

Seven the most common injuries in personal injury via car accidents is whiplash or an injury to the neck as well as low back pain due to the seatbelt inflicting force into the lower body during a car accident. While these injuries are very common for sugar land chiropractors to treat the method in which the documentation must be done differs greatly from just a typical weekend warrior injury. Therefore should you unfortunately be in a car accident or a slip and fall or another type of personal injury give Restoration Health a call so that way you can get the best possible treatment and have peace of mind knowing that we are expert in handling documentation for the car accidents.

Thank you once again for joining me this evening I hope this podcast was informative please feel free to join us at our next one so that we may continue to further educate you in areas of chiropractic care, exercise, personal injury, workers compensation, and other areas. And should you be in need of a Sugar land chiropractors know that Restoration Health is fully capable of taking care of you thank you have a good evening.