Good evening. Thank you for once again joining me for this podcast. Tonight we will be discussing the importance of stretching the hamstring specifically. At Restoration Health one of the premier Sugar land chiropractors tight hamstrings is one of these most common issues people have when an examination is performed.
The hamstring are the muscle group on the back or posterior of the thigh. This muscle group travels from the pelvis down the back of the legs to past the knee. Due to the sedentary nature of most jobs in America, the sitting required allows the patients hamstrings to tighten. Without a stretching regimen to combat this tightening, the muscle progressively shortens in length and increase in tonicity. All Sugar land chiropractors will agree with this assessment in regards to prolonged shortening of muscles with generate chronic meaning repeated increased muscle tone.

The hamstrings since they connect to the pelvis influence the motion in the pelvis which within influence the motion in the lumbar spine or low back. This area influencing another area falls under a term called kinetic chain. The kinetic chain flows up and down the body meaning a problem in one area will affect how other areas of the body function And operate that leading to a new problems potential. The hamstrings when they are tight pull down on the pelvis creating what is known as a lower crossed syndrome in the body. This lower crossed syndrome alters the normal biomechanics meaning the normal ranges of motion in the lumbar spine creating increased pressure and stress in this area. This altered biomechanics generates problems in the low back which is why sugar land chiropractors say the most common condition to have with tight hamstrings is low back pain.

This low back pain or typically start out as discomfort or tightness in the lower back and Ken and afternoon will progress to more severe pains which can even affect daily activities how you sleep at night and your overall mood. All of these symptoms can be corrected and even prevented in some cases by simply establishing a regular stretching routine into your daily life.
This is why that Restoration Health a Premier sugar land chiropractors office promotes stretching and a majority of our treatment plant. Simply taking five to ten minutes daily to stretch your hamstrings can prevent this severe low back pain which is the number one health and lifestyle issue that plagues Americans.

There are a variety of ways to stretch the hamstrings depending on your condition age flexibility mobility the right stretch for your hamstrings may not be the same as the right stretch for another personís hamstrings. Most people will simply say bend over and touch your toes that stretch your hamstrings however depending on how youíre doing this will depend on the quality of stretch you provide to the hamstrings which will determine the outcome you will receive from stretching your hamstrings.

For patients of Restoration Health, a premier Sugar land chiropractors the best method of stretching involved a belt or a piece of wrap wrapped around the bottoms of the foot. Remembering to keep the straightening you didnít pull the leg with this belt or piece of rope to the opposite shoulder. What this means is if youíre stretching the left hamstring your pretend to be pulling the left foot and ankle towards the right shoulder while keeping your knees straight. It is important to keep the new straight because if you remember we spoke earlier the hamstring passes the knee and if the knee bends while stretching it you take the attention off of the muscle. Taking the tension off of the muscle reduces the stretch thereby reducing the benefits of performing the stretch.

And the reason I say using a belt or piece of rope is at Restoration Health, a premier sugar land chiropractors office we are bidding and getting results without a huge expenditure on the part of the patient. When I mean by this is that show the patients even if you donít have a lot of money and you can still take the steps needed to live a healthier happier and have a greater quality of life in your lifestyle.
As most sugar land chiropractors will tell you holding a stretch for a minimum of twenty to twenty five seconds is required to change the tonicity in the muscle fibers themselves. Changing the tenacity and the muscle fibers is at its core and stretch. He will long gating the link to that muscle making that muscle longer is the goal of stretching. Creating a longer hamstring will help prevent and reduce the effects of the lower crossed syndrome thereby reducing the pressure and the stress placed upon the low back due to the kinetic chain thereby eliminating your pain.

If the stretch is performed for fewer than twenty seconds, the mechnoreceptors will not adapt and no lasting changes will be made to the muscle fibers. Remember muscle fibers are elastic, meaning they have a tensile strength and will stretch normally. They are designed to do so. This elasticity or stretchiness means that holding a stretch for ten seconds will not elongate the muscle is only stretches the muscle which will return to the normal resting length once the ten seconds is over.

If you hold the stretch for twenty five seconds the mechanoreceptors and golgitendon organs will fire off and a new longer resting muscle length will be obtained. Congratulations this means the muscle has actually been stretched and you are on the way to having a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you for joining me once again for these podcasts I do hope you are finding them educational. Should you or someone you know suffer with one of the issues discussed in the podcast do not hesitate to contact Restoration Health the Premier Sugar land chiropractors office in the area. We will develop a personalized treatment plan for you so maximize your time and return you to health as quickly as possible.