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When I arrived at the party that was close to and my family was there waiting for me. They’re all excited to see me arrived and show me straight to my birthday tables. Like it was decorated and beautiful rose and cold with lots of cute decor and a beautiful birthday cake with macarons on top. It was my favorite color which was to music that is exactly what sugar land chiropractors I had wanted. Next to mine birthday table there was my nephew’s birthday table that was decorated and lots of colorful bright colors of Ninja Turtles. He was turning poor and I was turning 24 and if we meet had our own section decorations so that it can be equal, and we could see that who was celebrating what. My mother quickly told me to save myself to eat and I’ll look center with, corn on the cob, rice, games, shrimp kabobs and lots of fruits. We definitely had lots of food to eat inches from and it was all very delicious, and we are very poor. Afterwards we ate some group with a little bit of cheese omelet because that is how we sugar land chiropractors originally like it and it was all so good. We then just continue to talk and stay as a family and watch the kids play at the lots of fun. We’ll take out towards the middle of the party we decided that it was time to hit the pinata and have the kids come out of the water slide. Everyone took their turns on hitting the pinata but because a pinata was so small and poorly made by the time second person hit it is quickly fell apart. They had to make another hole so that they could be able to hold on a little bit longer and more people will be able to be had it. They had to hit it very lightly because it had already broken it was going to easily broke again. That thing out of us not made out of good quality but we knew that next time we were going to purchase another one we had purchased one that was much more stronger and held up much better than this one. and so, after everyone hit it the candy all came flying down and everyone could play around the kids suck. My son in particular looks. Hitting the pinata and enjoyed playing so he grabbed a lot of the candy and then handed it to me. Afterwards the candy bags were handed out it’s good to be able to put their candy in there. After the pinata was all broken and everyone had hated everyone has been given each their own mechanic so that they could place the candy in it and not have to hold a truck. We all embrace you to come inside and singing Happy Birthday. started off with my nephew first because it was the youngest said he was very excited to see his birthday cake. We sing him happy birthday and then we all took pictures and he put into his cake. Then we moved on to my table and I was saying happy birthday also and then put into my cake and I’ll stick pictures. Afterwards we are excited to eat some cake because we had two choices of cake, we served very small thin slices on everyone’s place so that they can have a better phone fixed. I had a strawberry field my nephew had a Napoleon cake. Therefore, we all have different flavors nobody got the same thing and another one. Two words we decided to start opening my nephew’s birthday gift. He got quite a few gifts but overall, he was very excited to have receiving lots of toys and clothes and start of his new school year because it was going to be his first year of going to school. After we got done opening on my nephew’s present for decided to clean up a bit because we have made a lot of mess and sugar land chiropractors usually parties are having get-togethers, we’d like to clean up together as a family so that we do not need the word to just one person. When everything was done and put away, we decided to play a game with the polar we know we usually play birthday parties. I just hope to visit and forever pop see their balloons Pastor went but we’d like to add a little bit of a challenge in it so we kind of do like an obstacle course where people have to do something and so I can pop the balloons in a different position. Only play games like that it brings lots of laughter and fun and we just have a very good sugar land chiropractors time overall. After we were done playing with the kids so you decided to once her off for all pick up all the rest of the toys and stuff that had been taken out. When we have Family Guy are you sending power lots of food left over we like to take some home so we share it all amongst ourselves so that we can have some food to take over and kick as well. We picked up all of drinks and everything and put the kids out of the water slide so that they can finally get dressed and dried. We then went home because it was already late and dark, and my son even fell asleep on her way home because he had a very nice party. We all had a good time and we always love spending time with sugar land chiropractors her friends and family and just enjoying our time laughing together and celebrating another year of life. Even though we never do nothing big arch drive again we have a good time as a family with our parties and just say find a way to enjoy ourselves as a family.