The number one reason for visiting Sugar Land Chiropractors is due to back pain. More then half of the patients at Sugar Land Chiropractors have received some sort of treatment for back pain. Our licensed Sugar Land Chiropractors can adjust your body for many different reasons such as to ease pain and improve alignment. Restoring movement in the spine or joints is called a spinal adjustment. Due to recent studies they have shown that spinal adjustments can work as well to relieve pain and can be used to get rid of drugs and doing surgery. Not to mention it is also much safer than those previously stated. Patients are also given exercises at Sugar Land Chiropractors to help improve posture (also known as an alignment) and to prevent energy. At Sugar Land Chiropractors we promote quitting smoking and trying to maintain a healthy weight and other healthy behaviors to our patients. A variety of tests such as MRIs and X-Rays can also be offered by Sugar Land Chiropractors at the time of visit. Patients are urged to talk with their healthcare providers and make sure that they are getting test or treatments that are needed at The American Chiropractic Association.

However, the majority of people who suffer from lower back pain do not need any imaging testing done. It is an option if you really do want it done. The majority of other imaging tests including x-rays will not help your doctor to diagnose and treat the pain. Most back pain usually goes away on its own in a matter of weeks or so. Having to much use of these test can have some effects on the long run. This including using too much radiation during x-rays and over time it can increase your risk of cancer. This test can also lead to unnecessary treatments like an opioid pain killer or surgery. This can cause an increase in cost and risks. Although you may have some serious side effects with these imaging test they can also help as well. Making sure that imaging test is done by Sugar Land Chiropractors is important because they need to see if the adjustment will harm you or not. Using an imaging test Sugar Land Chiropractors can determine if you have a problem like a fracture or osteoporosis. You can also justify and history of cancer thru imaging. Once an imaging test is done you usually do not need a follow-up test to check your progress.

A better way to check your progress is by getting a physical exam. If during a physical exam you have happened to get worse then Sugar land Chiropractors will refer a follow-up test to be helpful to determine a better solution. It is important to avoid passive therapy itself unless you are receiving them with other treatments. A different form of passive therapy includes ultrasound, electrical stimulation and heat or cold. Upon receiving passive therapy, you may experience some brief relief from discomfort and pain. Receiving passive therapy can be helpful before any physical activity such as biking, swimming or walking and can also help you relax during spinal manipulation. It is also important to know that these therapies are not to be used on their own and will not help you prevent any long term problems. It is not recommended to use lumbar support or braces on a regular everyday basis. Your muscles can become weaker if you use these devices on your back and abdominal muscle. Then they will not work as hard if you rely on these devices.

This can be bad relying on these devices to strengthen these muscles to relieve lower back pain. Using a device is okay when using the for few days of severe pain or when during certain actives such as gardening. Do you want to know to stretch your latissimus dorsi? A large muscle that stretches from the middle to lower back is called the latissimus dorsi. The over use of the latissimus dorsi can lead to back pain and can provide some movement or relief. There are so many different causes of middle back pains and reliefs. The common causes for middle back pain can be caused by poor posture, arthritis, and herniated disks. When your muscles start to feel tight and become difficult to move this can also be known as muscle stiffness. Most people try home remedies to treat this pain and in some cases it works however there are most cases that require seeking medical treatment. Many different treatment plans are available at Sugar Land Chiropractors for relief. When you have an ulnar nerve entrapment you usually feel a nerve sensation in your forearm as well as your fourth and fifth fingers. An ulnar nerve entrapment usually occurs when a nerve is compressed or can be irritated. This can often lead to arthritis.

We got lots of patients that ask if you can build muscle by exercise and the answer is yes. Exercise is the best way to build muscle followed by eating the right foods. It will happen over time. Working at Sugar Land Chiropractors has been very rewarding. I enjoy coming to work every day and seeing new and old patients come in thru the door. Whenever an injured patient comes thru the door our doctor at Sugar Land Chiropractors does his best to help you feel better by offering a proper treatment plan and of necessary any imaging done. At Sugar Land Chiropractors you are not just a patient but as well as family. Sugar Land Chiropractors does its best to accommodate any appointments with your schedule so that we can get you treated and taken care of. Sugar Land Chiropractors offers a wide variety of treatments such as ultrasound, e-stim, adjustments and cervical and lumbar decompression. Sugar Land Chiropractors also works with most major med insurance as well as workers compensation and personal injury. If a personal injury patient does not have an attorney we have several attorneys that Sugar Land Chiropractors work with to be referred to one.