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For this article Sugar Land Chiropractors will study the art of making heart shaped potholders. This pattern is great for a beginner. These potholders make great gifts for Valentineís day, Christmas, Motherís Day and even for someoneís birthday. Nothing says love like a homemade gift. This simple but attractive potholder can be completed in under 2 hours.
To begin Sugar Land Chiropractors will need the with the following items are needed:
a) 4 fat quarters of quilting cotton
b) Quilt batting such as warm and natural
c) Insul-Bright batting
d) Felt
e) And of course, the templet or pattern
Cut the fabric as follows using the heart template:
a) 2 hearts in Fabric 1 for the front of the pot holder
b) 1 heart in Fabric 2 for the lining of the potholder
c) 1 heart in Fabric 3 for the back of the potholder
d) 2 hearts in quilt batting. Cut one of these hearts in half
e) 1 heart in Insul-Bright batting
Using the small heart template cut:
a) 1 heart in pink wool felt
Cut two rectangles, measuring 2 º|î x 8î from Fabric 4 for the binding on the front of the pot holder.
Pin the potholder back and front together with the right sides facing. Stitch around the outside of the potholder leaving a 3î gap on side for turning. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors should make sure and clip the curves.
Next, turn the potholder out the right way through the opening. Hand stich the opening closed using ladder stitch. Next, press the potholder with a warm, dry iron.
Press the two red hearts in half with the wrong sides facing. Place a piece of batting inside each red hear (using the batting heart that has been cut in half).
To create a binding strip, press the fabric rectangles in half lengthwise. Unfold, and fold the edges into the center. Press. Fold in half so that you have a binding strip that measures 8î x 9/16î. Making a binding is quite easy and the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors realize the value in knowing the best way to do things.
Pin the binding strip to the inside edges of the red hearts and stitch in place. Trim the ends of the binding strip.
Pin the felt heart in position. Stitch around the outside of the heart, 3 times in red cotton. Pull loos threads to the underside and tie off.
Position the read hearts ion top of the potholder lining and pin in place. Stitch around the outside of the potholder using a basting stitch and a scant seam allowance. Press.
Trace the quilting pattern onto the back of the pot holder using a water-soluble pen. Pin the back to the potholder to the Insul-bright and batting hearts.
Quilt the heart design on the potholder back. Remove the water-soluble pen markings.
Next, we will discuss with Sugar Land Chiropractors how to make a penguin potholder. This is similar to making the heart shaped potholder mentioned previously in this article. The main difference is going to be the shape.
Cut two of the main body pieces from black fabric. Then cut two of the main body from white fabric. Next cut four from the batting.
Cut the white belly patch from the white fabric (do not include a seam allowance).
Cut the facial features from felt or stitch them on.
Pin two layers of batting to the wrong sides of each of the black body pieces.
Applique the white belly patch to the front body piece.
Using black thread, stitch small semi circles to the top of the beak.
Stitch the facial features (inner eyes, outer eyes, beak and bow tie to the body piece.
Match up each black piece with a white body piece, right sides facing and sew a straight line across the bottom.
Each step in making a potholder, Sugar Land Chiropractors can relate to following each step when doing things. Unfold each set and lie flat on top of one another with the right sides facing matching the black pieces with each other and the white piece with each other.
Next, you will pin and then sew all the way round the penguins leaving a small gap at the top of the white pieces.
Clip along the curves and make note in the head. Turn the entire penguins inside out. Using a ladder stitch close the gap in the white fabric. Turn the white fabric inside the pocket formed by the body of the penguin. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors realize the importance of following directions properly.
Align and press the bottom seam.
This potholder can easily be changed from a boy to a girl by cutting the bowtie from pink fabric instead of red and moving to the head, instead of the neck.
Potholders are an integral part of our lives. We do not give these fabric tools the credit they deserve. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors think having fun potholders when you are in the kitchen can brighten up your day. There is a pattern for almost any type of potholder someone might request. Homemade potholders can be gift as gifs on birthday, Motherís Day, these potholders are designed. Potholders come in all shapes and sizes. They can be purchased at many different types of stores that sale kitchen items. A person can also purchase potholders online.
Potholders can be made out of various fabrics. Some potholders are crocheted while others can be knitted. Some potholders are made with a special fabric that insulates against being burns. Other potholders are made with cotton. It is just a matter of preference on which kind of potholder you want in your kitchen. Also, there are an infinite amount of designs for potholders. It will come down to your own preference what theme your potholders are. Potholders are also useful when cooking outside, also. It is important to keep a potholder at hand all times when cooking to prevent burns.