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We have now reached our last Sugar land chiropractors article for indoor plants. This was a six-part series articles where we have discussed on 26 best indoor plants for your home or office. we will start off this article of indoor plants on the umbrella tree. Umbrella tree is also known as the shipper one plant. This is an excellent plan for an office or house because he likes to be in bright indirect light and prefer moist soil. It will however tend to dry out occasionally I’ll be here for Nora to kids who generous under watering because the plant will not grow well if it has too much water. You can manage the umbrella tree by pinching off its new growth so that I can go up to be 6 ft tall. the umbrella tree like many other plans. By the ear. At most time Cinderella tree will only need to be watered a few times a month and if you’re looking for something bold showing plan for your homework off as the umbrella tree would be a good fit. just umbrella tree can however be prone to spider mites and scale. If you have any of these pests, you should apply safer brand fruit and vegetable insect killer to help alleviate with the pest. The umbrella tree can also be toxic to pets and children because of its leaf. Dogs and cats who exhibit will have my own vomiting or diarrhea. You can gift Sugar Land Chiropractors an umbrella treat as a gift of kindness of being able to treat you for any chiropractic need. We would greatly appreciate it. The next indoor plant that we will go over is called Wax Begonia. White, pink and red blooms will produce all summer long as long as you are taking well care of the plant. The was begonia will need to be in most soil and will require bright or indirect light. It is recommended to keep the plant in a pebble tray with water to help with the humidity. You should also get rid of any dead flowers on the wax begonia. The good thing about the wax begonia is that you will be able to have on going flowers all summer long. If you want to encourage your plant to produce more flowers you should remove witting blooms. Bad indoor quality chemicals such as benzene and other chemicals will be removed from your home air or office with the help of the wax begonia. Here at Sugar Land chiropractors we know the importance of good indoor air quality. Another important thing to know about this plant is that is can grow about 18 inches making it a good shrub for any office or home dÈcor. Just like a majority of indoor house plants this plant as well maybe toxic to pets but not children. The most toxic part of this plant is the tuber. If the plant is digested it can lead to drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing and major oral irritation. When the wax begonia tends to dry out, they will be susceptible to diseases. To help avoid this situation you should try not to have your plant in soggy soil. Pests like scale, spider mites and whiteflies can be a problem for these plants that grow indoors. If you suffer from any of the pests, you can use safer brand fruit and vegetable insect killer to help alleviate with the issue. Did you know that one of the best herbs you can grow inside your home or office is mint? This is because you can control the mint where ever it spreads. A mint grown outdoors can take over lots of regions in your yard. A mint grown indoors can be contained in a small planter and you will still receive the same benefits that the mint itself has. Employees at Sugar Land Chiropractors love mint. Not the mention the delicious chocolate mint ice cream! One of the very good things about the mint plant itself is that it can act as its own natural insecticide and repel from any pasty bug. Mint can also be used to add a natural flavor to drinks and ice teas. Watering the mint is mandatory since it requires high moistures conditions for it to grow. When a mint starts to bud it will loose its minty taste. If you want to extend the harvest season you should pinch off the flowering buds. Now that we have gone over the best 26 indoor plants, we hope here at you can be able to make a wiser and easier choice on choosing the best indoor house plant for your home or office. An indoor house plant will not only add beauty into your home, but it can also be good for the environment, have healthier air and overall add a little bit of Zen to your space. To not worry if you have not grown anything before or had a plant. These indoor plants are very suitable for beginning an easy to take care of. when you Pick one you should begin to feel more confidence as your plants start to grow and then you can start adding more plants to your collection for your home and office. You can even let Sugar land chiropractors know on how is growing and how you are taking care of it. If you have any questions on how to take care of the plan you can visit safer brand online and post pictures so that they can be able to see it in person as well. If you want to look for more plans on outdoor plants house plants or plants that you can plant in your lawn or garden, we can go over the house in the next Sugar land chiropractorsí article I’m continuing of outdoor plants. Have you plans is a good thing and you should not be ashamed, or take be afraid to take care of them. You can take care of a plant believe it or not so purchase your indoor plants at your nearest store today.