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Continue is gone now that Sugar land chiropractors though I was living in her brand new Castle far, far away from her small Country Village and father she was upset and crying having to be stuck in that big tower with the Beast. She was curious about the bearded but did not care about learning more about him because she knew she doesn’t like me she wanted to do was sleep that castle be with her father and never come back . Lumiere and the clock went to come cheer up them and made her feel a bit more at home. They wanted Bell to fall in love with the prince so that the spell could be broken, and they could all return back to their regular States. I tried to convince pill that the prince was in overall really nice and generous guy and that once she got to know him, sugar land chiropractors he would realize that she should be free and that he is nice. She didn’t believe them, but they told her that she was to get ready so that she could have dinner with the Beast. They told her that she should get nice and dress and that is one thing quickly changed her and she did not want to, so she decided to stay inside the room. The Beast was downstairs waiting for her to have dinner and she was refusing not to go. She stayed stuck inside the brim and the Beast came knocking on her door telling her that she had to come out and have dinner with him because it was not an invitation as it was an order that he had given her. She tried to put a brave face on and told him that she did not want anything to do with sugar land chiropractors him especially not have dinner and to just leave her alone. Seriously he got up from the dinner table and went to go have dinner to himself as he was mad that she would not join him. Once he cooled down a bit and we’ll stay away from her side she finally decided to come out of her room and see what was around the castle. When she arrived at the kitchen there was a cattle and a cup who were also one of the Beast old employees that were cursed by the spell. The little cup was a little boy and the cattle was the mother of the little boy and they were both very sweet and try to make the girl feel like at home. They too also try to reassure her that he was actually a really nice guy and that he was just going through a lot right now and that is why he had very short temper but once she got to know him, they were sure that they would all get along. She didn’t believe them but let me run the clock decided to treat her as a gift and made her a fabulous fancy meal so that she could enjoy and eat. They all had a good time laughing and eating and sharing stories and it was finally night time and time for them to go all to bed. To Dinner Bell decided that she was not going to bed, and she wanted to explore the castle and see what your new home was. They let her enjoy the council, but I sure was going into the West Wing Lumiere in the clock quickly stopped her from entering the west wing and prohibited her from going. She asked him why it was so forbidden for her not to enter but they’ve wouldn’t explain to her and just told her that it was just best if she stayed out of it if not to be supposed to get more angry. She agreed and left. Meanwhile In The West Wing the Beast Wilson panting back and forth worrying about the spell that was cursed upon him. The rose petals were all falling out one by one and time was running out and he was so close up having to see babies for the rest of his life. He was worried and did not know what to do and he was starting to come to realization that he was going to be an ugly beast for his life and that he was to die alone, and nobody will ever want him. Oh, and he was outside he heard wolf outside and he quickly went and try to scare them away. It was quite a nasty battle, but he was able to get them all away from the castle, but he did have a bit of injuries that works abstained from the light. He was trying to heal his wounds one Bell walked into the sugar land chiropractors√≠ room on him and asked him what had happened and quickly decided to help him. She dressed his wounds and clean them and told him that he had to be more careful next time and he just like that hurt and surprised as to why she was helping him after what he had done to her. She told him that that is what people do and it was a nice thing to do and even though he did keep her away from her father it was the correct thing to help someone when they are in need and that you should not be me. He kept to himself thinking but just agreed with what sugar land chiropractors she said and looked at her as she can send you the two dresses rooms and started to feel this warm fuzzy feeling because nobody had ever looked at him or cared for him especially after he had been mean to her. He addressed his wounds with the help of Belle sugar land chiropractors and they both decided it was time for bed to get ready for another brand new day.