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We will now go over part 3 of the Sugar land chiropractors articles over have social media and texting can I Peg and Adolescent and child health. That’s how we have stated in the previous two articles we will make this arrest article on one of the last things that have in today’s society social media and texting have taken over the life of children and mostly adolescent. One of the three things about texting and social media is stalking or being ignored. With the new technology that we have today we are never really alone especially if you own a smartphone. Rather Go Blind than just that phone there are also smart appliances even the Smart Home and a smart TV. Today’s young people are constantly updating their status and sharing with their listening to reading watching writing and even app apps that will let their friends specifically be able to locate sugar land chiropractors them on a map at all times. If you purchase it you will see that it automatically will have an app where it says by my friends and their you will see that you will be able to locate and see where your friends are at all times with the app. All you have to do is share your location and then your friend can share their stuff and then you will be able to notice where the person is at all times. This can sometimes be good poor a parent who has a child or something and wants to be able to locate their child at all times but it can also come with the damn phone because if you just start to add any random person that you know or me online they can be able to find your location at all time and worst thing possible is that they can find sugar land chiropractors you and kidnap you or even in a worst-case scenario kill you. It is never Out of Reach with a text message to try to contact the person even if you’re not trying to find out what they are. As soon as you get online you can see that step up and shared and you see what friends are doing what the rat or even what they are eating all about who they are with. Discount sometimes make kids feel hyper connected with each other and with texting a conversation never really stopped. There is something that is always new happening whether this text message or social media. As the notes of dr. Wiggs said ìwhatever we think of relationships in tainted and in some cases initiated on social media kids never get a break from them. And that and then self can produce anxiety. Everyone needs a respite from the demands of intimacy and connection time alone to recruit replenish and just chill out. When you don’t have that it’s easy to become emotionally depleted fertile ground for anxiety to breed .î Even though you are in the middle of August sharing and over using information on social media believe it or not it is not a surprise to feel lonely in the middle of it. Kids have now known to become more need to press the society when they become ignored. Although we all have phones and since I’ll respond to things that a pretty quick Bass when you wait for that response and does not come this time and then become defending and you will take it as a straight and so which will then be a unfortunate side effect of where a relationship of an adolescent will slowly start to deteriorate and then fade away. dr. Wick also stated ìin old days when the boy was going to break up with you, he had to have a conversation with you. Or at least he had to call. These days he might just disappear from your screen and you never get to have the wedding I do? Conversation.î cancel. I’m beginning to think the worst of themselves causing a left image or response not being able to fully communicate on what they had to say or their feelings that they had to express because when you do it online or over text message you can’t really show the emotions that you haven’t feel rather than a few doing it in person sugar land chiropractors you can see the emotions and see what you have to say and all of this can be seen and Fern. even though I could not foresee never ends to start to get to send society of constantly waiting for that response that you want or need. Parents put yourself kind of on the back burner and then others will put you there too and sooner or later many people start to join you. If your child ever experienced type of feeling or disappointment. Experts advise that parents should minimize the use of technology for their adolescent child so that their own consumption can be recognized first. It is important for parents to set a good example of what using a computer for a healthy time looks like because if you are possibly on your phone or checking your email or find other interest on social media or texting. We understand that we use our phone and electronic devices for work but it also important that we teach our children especially teens that they learn to see our faces and not just our eyes on a screen. Parents are also recommended to establish technology free zones and times so that the child can not be online all day or everywhere. This can include sugar land chiropractors no technology in the kitchen table during meal times and for parents with young children limit technology usage to only 2 hours a day. No being on the phone for parents and young adults while driving. Less technology can be happier lives and healthy state of mind.