Continue to discuss the truth and reveal all the secrets of the De La Mora family we discover that they seem to, but I did much more than what they appear to be. We left off with power Lena trying to get her father out of town with her ex-husband representing him as his lawyer. although she is no longer able to inhale Brothers flower shop, she is so determined to get her father out of jail because she knows that he is innocent, Sugar Land Chiropractors and he has no reason to be there. The other De La Mora siblings are also upset that their father isn’t you however they seem to be more focused on other things like relationships and trying to stay with their motherís flower shop since their oldest sister is no law. so, trying to convince her mom into keeping the flower shop at starts to work at the flower shop with Virginia and now stepsister marsala. when Paulina clothes and picks up her ex-husband at the airport, Sugar Land Chiropractors she becomes very confused and Annie’s because it is so first time that she has seen her ex-lover in a very long time since their divorce. She sees that now Jose Maria is a transgender woman who goes by the name Maria Jose I didn’t have such a completely different appearance to her now then has he said when they were still married. Maria Jose Fishers Paulina. She will try his best to get her father out of jail. when Virginia hears that her daughter Sugar Land Chiropractors Polina is trying to get her father out of jail she goes to their family friend who also handles their money Diego to tell him that she too is trying to get him out of jail however he does not want him to sell any of their family business sis or any valuable items that they have. Diego is confused as to how possibly get asthma still out of jail without having any money or wanting to sell any things. He tells Virginia that it does not seem like she wants to get him out of jail because if you really wants to he could all he had to do was to sell a business or Sugar Land Chiropractors any valuable items that the family of us. Virginia walks away and just tells him to do as he is told and waves. Meanwhile friends and family as well as the neighborhood start to suspect as to where is enstool has gone. Trying to keep their picture-perfect family image Virginia advises everyone to tell them that he has left to work to Japan. although everyone in the family knows where Nestor is exactly is at, they Sugar Land Chiropractors still have one person who they have not told the truth. And that is said Ernestoís daughter Marcella. They too also like to her and tell her that he has gone to work to Japan. Virginia is disgusted by the cabaret that Raquel and Nestor we’re running behind her back. She tries her best to get it shut down however it is unsuccessful because her daughter Paulina is determined to keep the cabaret running now that she is no longer able to inherit flower shop. Back at home with the whole family in the DeLauro house Alina returns with her ex-lover Maria Jose and tells her family that she is trying her best to get her father out of jail. Virginia stays quiet as she is still disappointed in her daughter’s ask him Sugar Land Chiropractors for keeping her husband’s Affair behind her back and knowing that he had also a secret business running without telling anyone. Virginia is obsession with trying to become the picture-perfect Emily family becomes really big that she does not want anyone knowing about the camera as well. She lies to every one of her friends and tells her that Marcella is just an orphanage girl that she has taken into her home and is teaching her how to make flower arrangements so that she can work at flower shop. She all still starts forgetting about her husband Nestor in jail and starts a Pocus on planning the flower shops biggest party yet. The flower shops 50th anniversary is going to be a huge deal and there is going to be media and Virginia tries her best to make sure that it is all perfect. Having so much panic and freaking out with everything going on Virginia goes and speaks with their family doctor Salomon and explains to him everything that is going on. It is important to know that Salomon and Virginia used to date when they were teenagers. With all the De la Mora drama going on Sugar Land Chiropractors house maid Delia just stays quietly and observes everything. Not being able to keep he secret any longer she confides to Elena that she read a letter that Raquel wrote to her mother Virginia revealing another huge secret. She tells her that in the letter Raquel asked Virginia to please take care of her daughter Marcela even though she is not her mother because Ernesto took care of one of her kids even if they are not his. Shocked, Elena thinks upon herself, could I not be Ernestoís daughter? Or could it be Paulina? Even Julian? Elena is stunned by the news and tells Delia not to worry. She will not tell her mother Virginia she read the letter. Elena goes and tells Julian the news Delia said, and he too stays in shock. Together, they decide to take a DNA test to determine who is not Ernestoís biological son. They decide to keep the news within themselves Sugar Land Chiropractors without telling without telling their mother Virginia and older sister Paulina. At the same time while all this is going on Paulina also goes and talks to the family doctor Salomon and realizes that him and her mother were dating right around the time before she was born. What will happen next? Will the De la Mora siblings found out who is not Ernesto biological child?