Hello and good evening. I want to thank you for taking the time to join us for this nightly podcast. I perform this podcast in the hopes that you can further educate yourself on these given topics and make a better more informed decision in regards to your healthcare. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health and Premier†Sugar land chiropractors†office. Last time we left off discussing Workerís Compensation in broad terms and in tonight podcast we are going to dive deep into certain aspect I have Workerís Compensation to further your knowledge and help you should you or someone you know be going through a Workerís Compensation claim.
Tonight will be going over the different forms in Workerís Compensation. Now these forms are in regards to the paperwork that was briefly mentioned in the previous night podcast. Now as†sugar land chiropractors†know but the patient may not all workers compensation forms at least in taxes have a number associated with them. This number ends up becoming the name of the form more often than not.
now as a patient or someone going through a Workerís Compensation claim there is also paperwork from your employer or your job which will need to be filled out. Each company seems to have their own paperwork in regards to this area but there is a specific Workerís Compensation form that you as the injured to fill out personally. I cannot stress this enough that you as the inured person need to fill this form out not your employer on your behalf.
This form is what is called an injury report form or is more commonly called a form forty one by†sugar land chiropractors†who see workers compensation patients. What this form is it document the injury that occurred while on the job. This form will have you describe the injury and the areas which were injured. This is why it is of utmost importance that you your self fill out the form and not someone on your behalf. No one knows what happened and no one knows where you are hurt better than you do. At Restoration Health in Premier Sugar land chiropractorsoffice which performs Workerís Compensation we have the form forty one as part of our new patient paperwork for Workerís Compensation patients. This is because more often than not the most injured employees will not have had to fill out this form at their job site.
This form is been filed with the state and as we practice on taxes it is filed with the Texas Department of Workerís Compensation in it simply document that an injury occurred on this date to this person who is employed by this company. There are no obligations to seek treatment there are no obligations other than itís simply documents that something occurred.
The second form is a form that you will see many times throughout the workers compensation process. This form assugar land chiropractors†know is often called a work status form and comes with the workers compensation form number of seventy three. Therefore more often than not you will hear the term form seventy three or simply sure into your seventy three when either the insurance company the doctor or your legal representation are discussing your work status.
Now I has†sugar land chiropractors†know a work status form or form seventy three is good for thirty days. What this means is if it was filled out on August thirteenth this work status form is valid until September thirteenth. this work status form is valid until September thirteenth. This form will determine whether or not you are capable of returning to work. If you are not capable of returning to work it will state why you are in capable of working and it will expire on the thirtieth day. If you are capable of returning to work it will determine if you have work restrictions and it will list what those restrictions are in those restrictions will expire on the thirtieth day. It will also determine if you are capable of returning to full-time normal duty meaning no restrictions. Now I did discuss it expiring on the thirtieth day but what can happen is this form can be updated anytime and examination is performed which can either extend or shorten the duration of the time off of work due to the injury or the restrictions placed on your work status. At Restoration Health in Premier†Sugar land chiropractors†office I always try to keep my patients as active as possible and this includes having them work as best they can while still being able to maintain therapy appointments and progressively get better. This means that we are constantly performing exams to give you the most accurate work status that we can.
There are a few forms which only the doctors need to be concerned with but there is one more form that you will see more than likely towards the end of your Workerís Compensation claim or if the insurance company is fighting your Workerís Compensation claim. This form is a designated doctors examination report or a form sixty nine. What this designated doctors examination is is an independent third-party Doctor Who performs an examination and writes a report based off of that examination to determine if youíve reached maximum medical improvement or MMI. Again you will probably not see this form until the end of your Workerís Compensation claim or if the insurance company is disputing your claim meaning they disagree with how you were injured what is injured or how well you are healing.
I want to thank you again for joining us this evening and I hope you found this additional information on Workerís Compensation education in four minutes. As always should you or someone you know require a doctor for a Workerís Compensation claim please give Restoration Health a Premier†Sugar land chiropractors†office a call today and schedule appointment. Thank you wants again I hope you join us for tomorrowís night podcast we will cover even more information on Workerís Compensation. Thank you and have a good evening good night.