Have you ever wondered ì can I adjust myself? The honest answer is straight up no.Not even a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor himself or herself is not able to adjust themselves. Why? I am about to explain why you cannot and should not try. Many people believe that getting an adjustment is just to be able to hear the cracking or popping of your back. They do not realize the actual purpose of the adjustments, but you cannot blame them because they are not a chiropractor unless they do research on Top Sugar Land Chiropractors adjustment.

They just do not know that it is more than just cracking or popping your back or neck. The reason behind doing an adjustment is a way to maneuver and place the vertebra back into its proper position or it can also restore the proper motion to a joint. Before getting the adjustment though the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors doctor or chiropractor whichever you prefer to call them will give each patient an exam before adjusting anything.

The reason for this is so they can be sure they know which joint needs to be adjusted so they can perform it properly. For example, Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractors worry, or they do not like it when they see someone pop their own neck. This is because people usually place one hand on their head and the other hand on their chin and will continue to do this until they hear a pop or crack. The reason Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractors worry or do not like the idea of it is because the person does not know what exactly they are popping or cracking. Unlike a chiropractor they use a specific way to do adjustments on the neck and it is not by twisting and pulling on your head. They know exactly what segment is being adjusted. Another thing that is important to take note of is that the vertebra can be misaligned in a different number of ways.

This is because it can move in many different directions, and it makes it important to know in what direction it has been moved before getting the adjustment done. The Top Sugar Land Chiropractors doctor or chiropractor has learned that is moves different directions it can move and learn the proper way to put it back in its proper position. He or she would be the one to know when he or she is giving you the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors exam before the adjustment. So, when you pop your own back, you do not know in what direction your vertebrae is going and that is bad because you can be causing it to move further out of the position it was at before cracking or popping your own back.

So, every time you hear a pop or crack it that your body is releasing endorphins. Endorphins are hormones and they basically make you feel good. Endorphins only last in your blood stream for a short about of time it is like Top Sugar Land Chiropractors fifteen to twenty minutes. Then you feel you have to keep popping your neck or back, but the problem is that you are not solving your situation. You are letting the endorphins cover up the real problem and it can make it worse for you. Call 281-344-2034 or go to www.restorationhealthtx.com.