How many times have you told yourself that you feel good? But letís be honest with ourselves. Although, we feel good it does not mean we are in Top Sugar Land Chiropractors good health. How many of you agree with this? Probably a good amount because I know I do. How is it that I can relate to this? I can relate because I work out every day, I drink the amount of water every day like Iím supposed to, and I stretch so everything is good right. In reality I know it is not because sometimes I do not make healthy choices when it comes to the food I eat.

The same thing can be that I do not feel any pain so there is no reason for me to go to the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor. This is where everyoneís mindset is at right now. Why do this if I do not feel anything? Just because you do not feel hurt, or any pain does not mean you do not have to go to the doctor or to a chiropractor. It is good that you do regular healthcare although there is nothing wrong with you at the moment. I read that only 11 percent of the nervous system can transmit pain so that leaves you with 89 percent that does not or cannot transmit pain.

Which is why we say it is a very poor decision people make when going based off if they are feeling pain or not. For those who need to hear it again I will say it again just because pain is not being presented to you at the moment does not mean you are healthy. If you exercise and stretch on a regular basis that is good but same thing as before it does not mean you have a healthy spine. When your Top Sugar Land Chiropractors segmental motions are optimized, the global motions are as well. As long as your segmental motion of joints is full and healthy the global range of motion is intact which makes it far more optimal.

So, why get checked by a chiropractor? You have a spine and a nervous system, right? If you do not, then how are you surviving right not. But this is why your reason to see a chiropractor because you have both of these things. Health is more about how you are functioning and not about the feeling although the feeling is a plus.

But one does not want to go based off of it. To restore spinal segmental range of motion the best way to do it is by visiting a chiropractor. Everyone wants a healthy spin that is able to move well with as close to a full segmental range of motion. The body needs to be able to communicate and getting a chiropractic adjustment will help this if anything interrupts the communication happening in the body. Yes, you still want to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors exercise and stretch but add making a trip to the chiropractor on that schedule. You will notice a difference in your performance.