Concussion, I personally have not had someone I know suffer from one, but I have heard about them. They do often happen when someone is participating in regular activities such as football. This is when we most often hear that someone got a concussion. Like I said once before football is not the only reason you can get a concussion. It can be from speed sports to a car accident. Although you may not wear a helmet or mouthguard while in a vehicle it is important to wear those when other activities require them. But today we will talk about how you can care for your head, yourself and your spine if you were to get a concussion.

Better to be prepared the not prepared right? Some times you may not hear the word concussion. You may hear people say head injury which is also know as a TBI. TBI just stands for traumatic brain injuries which you may hear as well. This injury happens due to the brain being shaken within the skull in a way that it caused irritation to the brain itself. It can be caused by one violent motion or a repeated motion. Many people think the head needs to be physically hit with something for this injury to happen but that is not true. I thought that was pretty interesting because I was one of those people who thought the head had to be hit. Some common causes of a concussion usually is by hitting the head in a fall.

That can come from playing football, biking, skiing and etc.. When it does happen, it is very important that you do not think twice about going to the emergency room or visiting your doctor. Yes, you can have some symptoms when you get a head injury. Symptoms always vary especially with each individual because we do not all have the same body, but those symptoms are vertigo, headaches, concentration problems, neck pain, ringing in the ears and it can even affect your memory.

Now letís get into some things to help the injury recover faster. When I say faster, I do not mean in 2 days or a week, but it will help. One thing is chiropractic care. So, when the head is shaken and irritated at times it can interfere with the communication process with the rest of the body. This will be a negative impact because the body follows the brains instructions. You may ask well how can chiropractic care help with this communication?

Since it is dealing with your brain you may think you need a surgeon. Now if it is severe to where chiropractic care cannot help then yes you will of course then need a brain surgeon to help with that. The reason why chiropractic care can help is because when one gets a chiropractic adjustment this helps improve the nervous system. You may pr may not know that the communication is done because of your nervous system. We will continue this on the next blog.