What is a decompression and how does it work? Spinal decompression is a computer facilitated traction table. The spinal decompression table is used to stretch and lengthen your spine. If you are being told you need surgery this is a great way to get out of surgery since spinal decompression is nonsurgical. Some benefits of doing Top Sugar Land Chiropractors spinal decompression instead of getting surgery is no surgical scars if you are a person to worry about it leaving nasty scars.

If you are worried about anesthesia, you would not need it when getting spinal decompression. You are not in risk of getting a post surgery infection because with spinal decompression you are not getting cut open. No medication is needed for post pain. If you are a person who loves to be on the move and believe that there is no day of resting for you this would be perfect for you because there is not any down time you will need. You will be able to go to work and all you have to worry about is making your appointments to do the spinal decompression. The main goal Top Sugar Land Chiropractors is for it to relieve pressure in the spine.

So, how does this spinal decompression work. The doctor will place the straps on the table first then ask the patient to lay down facing upward. Then to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors doctor will strap all the straps tight but comfortable for the patient. Then will put weights under the legs so they will be lifted a bit. Then the doctor will set a time on the machine and let it do its thing. As the patients is laying down in the table the decompression machine will move the spine into a proper position but gently as you lie on them. The pressure that happens when getting a decompression is pushing the spine discs.

It does this so it can prevent the nerves surrounding them from getting pinched by the discs. This helps because the negative pressure may reduce inflammation and pain mostly. If your spine discs are not aligned correctly than there can be some side affects you feel while doing the process. These are some Top Sugar Land Chiropractors symptoms you may feel which are numbness or tingling. Other affects you may feel are sharp pains in your thighs, hips, or feet. It may also feel like pain was shoot through your legs. t is completely normal to feel this if the discs are not aligned. But we would want to prevent this pain from happening by having those discs separated from the nerves so the side affects would not happen.

By getting the decompression Top Sugar Land Chiropractors therapy it may heal the pain you are having. Well one question we receive often is, ìis spinal decompression safe. The answer is that this therapy is considered to be very safe. Depending on your situation it can take up to 4 to 6 weeks and usually patients give the most positive reviews after getting spinal decompression. Other questions are if I am pregnant can I receive spinal decompression.î The answer is no.

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It is normal for a pregnant woman to get back pain because they are carrying a baby. The baby usually is pressing against the sciatic nerve. For someone who is pregnant treating sciatica is impossible but definitely talk to a chiropractor. You may not be able to get spinal decompression but there are other ways to help the pain you are having, and a chiropractor will make it safe for you and your unborn baby. In some situations, you want to avoid getting spinal decompression because it can damage you more but that is only if you have any of these problems I am about to list out.

If you have metal plates, rods or any type of implants in your back this would be a big ìno no.î If you have any bone disorders like degenerative or osteoporosis. This is when it makes the bones brittle and weaken them. If you have any spine or vertebrae fractures. This is because the spine is basically squished or compressed however you want to look at it. But it is not at the normal height it supposed to be now it is at a smaller height.

If you ever had tumors along the spine or in the back or neck region. If you ever had a history of abdominal aortic aneurysms. That is when you have a bulge in the lower part of your aorta. If you are unsure if you have any of these a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor may do an x-ray to be sure that the treatment that will be done for you is safe for you. Also, you are more than welcome to bring medical records so the doctor can go through them if you are unsure, you are able to get Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractic care. Just in case you had surgery recently on your back the doctor will be able to know how to treat you to the extent of where it would not harm you because a doctor would not want to damage you more.

If you are wanting to give this a test out give Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health a call to schedule your appointment. Our office number is 281 344 2034. Or if you want you can go to our website restorationhealthtx.com. If you have any question, we are more than happy to answer them for you and if we do not know the answer, we will personally ask the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors doctor for you. We are located in Sugar Land, Texas.

We want every patient to be comfortable doing this so if a woman or male is uncomfortable being alone with our doctor here we have myself and other female here and we will be glad to step in the room with you so you can be comfortable. We like to have a bond with our patients as well because it just makes uncomfortable situations better for everyone. We love to laugh and joke around so we will definitely make you comfortable. Most of the patients that get spinal decompression love the results so definitely give it a try.