Thank you for joining me again this evening. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health a premier Sugar land chiropractors office. In this evening podcast we will be discussing the importance of nutrition. This day and age has seen a new diet pop up every week. There has been diets promoted by celebrities, diets promoted by companies, diets promoted by influencers on social media. This discussion is not a diet in the sense of a eating for weight loss. This discussion is about diet in regards to what is being eaten and how we can be healthy without being on a ìdiet.î We will discuss eating healthy in general not necessarily eating to lose weight. Because often times eating healthy is viewed as eating to lose weight which is not the case.

In a basic description of the word diet, it is simply the food we eat in a given period of time, usually referenced in a day or week. With the push for weight loss diets, the term diet has been given a negative connotation. For Sugar land chiropractors and Restoration Health in particular, a diet still means what is eaten in a given day. What to eat or what not to eat to lose weight well turn the tide is a completely different category which is not what we are discussing here. Eating to lose weight while important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and certain individuals is not the end all be all to diets.

The most important aspect of a diet is eating the right variety of foods to cover basic nutrition. Nutritionally speaking, we need proteins, carbohydrates commonly shortened to carbs, and fats as the three basic building blocks for our bodies. There are vitamins and minerals and micronutrients as well, but we will focus on the big three. All sugar lands chiropractors will agree with this breakdown of the nutrients the body requires.

All weight loss diets have a combination of. These three in some form about what to eliminate from your diet, what to eat more off etcetera. At this point in time most people ignore the basic principle of weight loss. If you truly desire to lose weight, burning more calories than you consume will allow you to lose weight. Many doctors and even Sugar land chiropractors will have different opinions on what combination will get the best results of at the fundamentals eating less than you burn will create. A negative intake allowing for weight loss. Technically speaking in a hypothetical world where all the nutrients did not factor into being health and only calories mattered, you could eat only chocolate cake and lose weight if you burned more calories a day than you were eating of chocolate cake. A lot of sugar land chiropractors would disagree with that statement, but it holds true. If you did not have to worry about nutrient balance what you eat wouldnít matter.

Now do not take this out of context and say I can eat cake and lose weight. Because in the real world new transmitter and unfortunately for all of us chocolate cake does not hold all of the nutrients we require during the day and therefore even if we only a chocolate cake to lose weight we would not be healthy because we would not be getting the nutrients be required.

For Sugar land chiropractors having a balance nutritional profile in our food is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. As for how the body uses the nutrients, fat is a long term fuel for the body, carbs are the more immediate fuel for the body, and protein is the building blocks for the body, but can be used as fuel is dire circumstances.

Any patient at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office who wants to lose weight will be provided nutritional information in order to make an informed decision about the best way for them to go about losing weight. We will focus on eating a healthy nutritionally balanced diet before we discuss weight loss specifically.

The first step towards eating healthy is having a well-balanced well proportioned meal. This meal will include approximately eight ounces of protein at least one serving of vegetables and preferably a complex carbohydrate. What I mean by complex carbohydrate is a carbohydrate which takes a significant amount of time for the body to break down or digest. The reason this is important or not directly tied to nutrition is there regards to blood sugar levels in the body. Simple carbohydrates break down quickly and will provide a rapid increase in blood pressure that the body struggles to handle whereas complex carbohydrates break down slowly there by applying a steady increase in blood sugar which the body is more easily able to maintain.

Most people typically consume three meals in a given day each of these meals should roughly follow the template described above. Each meal is not created equal however in saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day is true. Breakfast sets the tone for the body for the rest of the day as far as metabolism calorie burn in general function. Consuming the largest meal in the morning sets the bodyës metabolism up at kickstarts the engine if you well as well as allowing people time to burn those calories throughout the day. The opposite of this is consuming a large meal for dinner and shortly after dinner is when most people go to bed. Going to bed after eating a large meal does not give time to burn off the calories therefore your body stores in these excess calories as fat.

Thank your for joining me once again in the evenings for our podcast. I do hope you found this nutritional advice to be helpful. If you or a loved one is looking for the services of sugar land chiropractors please give Restoration Health a call so we can get you scheduled today. Thank you once again and I hope to see you for the next podcast.