This document is about the possible suspects in the I-45 Corridor Killings. The killings started in 1971. There are at least two dozen young women and children who have been abducted and murdered along I-45 from Houston, Texas to Galveston, Texas. It is not known for sure how many different murderers are involved in these killings. It is evident though that there is at least one serial killer involved if not more. An odd proportion of the victims were last seen at or near convenience stores before they went missing. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to see justice for all of these women and girls that have been murdered along the I-45 Corridor.
In chronological order is a review of men that were suspects of the I-45 Corridor Killings. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would like nothing more than for justice to be achieved for these lost loved one. In March of 1986, a man who has never been identified attempted to abduct a 13-year-old girl at gunpoint. The girl was walking home from a shopping center in Seabrook, Texas. The girl jumped from the manís truck in nearby La Porte, Texas just as a police officer was driving past. The officerís priority was to attend the young girl. Therefore, the abductor escaped. The unknown male is said to be between the ages of 35 and 45. He is 6í go 6í2î tall with graying black hair and beard. The suspect was driving a green Ford Ranger.
In December of 1988 Jonathan David Drew was convicted of killing a Houston, Texas waitress named Tina Flood. She was 23 years old at the time of her death. Drew was pulled over by a police officer who found Tina Flood in the front passenger seat of Drewís car. She had been eaten and was barely alive when the police officer spotted her. Unfortunately, Tina Flood died soon afterwards. Jonathan Drew is suspected of several sexual assaults. A private investigator has speculated that Drew could be responsible for the slaying of Jessica Lee Cain. A search of Drewís former home in League City, Texas, where his parents still lived produced a vial containing several human teeth. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find this really odd.
Gabriel Soto was a prime suspect in the 1988 disappearance of Rene Richerson. At one time he was charged with retaliation against a potential witness in the Rene Richerson case. However, he died in 2020 without being charged for the disappearance of Rene Richerson. It is unfortunate, states Sugar Land Chiropractors, that justice was never achieved for Rene Richerson and mostly likely will never be achieved.
After Wanda May Pitts was abducted from the lobby of a motel in Willis, Texas, William Ray Mathews led investigators to her body. William Ray Matthews made a plea bargain which prevented authorities from charging him with Wanda Pitts murder. However, he is serving time for a similar crime, the attempted abduction of a Willis, Texas office clerk who was forced to jump from Matthewís moving vehicle to save her life. It is odd to Sugar Land Chiropractors that William Ray Mathews led investigators to the body of Wanda May Pitts, but he was never arrested for her murder due to a plea bargain.
In 1993, Robert Abel, a former NASA engineer appeared to fit an FBI profile of the killer. Robert Abel lived and operated a ranch near League Cityís killing fields. A search of his property did not turn up any evidence. When League City police refused to administer a polygraph test to Robert Abel, the show 20/20 stepped in and administer a polygraph test. Robert Abel passed the polygraph test. It is unfortunate, the staff of Sugar Land Chiropractors think, that Robert Abel was targeted for the murders at the killing fields based on an FBI profile that proved to be less than stellar. Subsequently, the FBI admitted that the original profile was of poor quality and effectively eliminated him as a suspect. However, the League City authorities appear unconvinced and still consider him a suspect.
William Reece was arrested in 1997 after a botched abduction. He is a suspect in the murder of Laura Smither. William Reece worked at a construction site near the Smitherís home where he reportedly was getting off of work about the same time Laura Smither disappeared while jogging. William Reece is a suspect in at least one other murder and was previously convicted of rape in Oklahoma. It is extremely unfortunate the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors think that William Reece has not been convicted nor exonerated in the murder of Laura Smither. This is unfortunate for the family of Laura Smither because they have no closure.
In 2001 Mark Stallings became a suspect to the killing fieldsí murders outside of League City after confessions. His confession is considered highly suspect since he would have been only 15 or 16 years old when the first killing fieldís victims disappeared. If one assumes the four victims found dead were all killed by the same man this would rule out Stallings. It is obvious to Sugar Land Chiropractors that Mark Stallings has mental issues if he wants people to think he is the killer of the killing fields when he is not. However, Stallings does have a history of violence and is serving a 489-year prison sentence for the aggravated assault and an escape attempt. Stallings also worked on the property where the killing fields are located.
Walter Sorto, Edgardo Cuba and Eduardo Navarro were all arrested in February of 2003 for the rapes and shooting deaths of Roxana Capulin24, Teresa Rangel, 38, and 15-year-old Esmerelda Alvarado on the east side of Houston, Texas. Walter Sorto has since been convicted of the murders of Roxana Capulin and Teresa Rangel who were both abducted from the restaurant where they worked on June 1, 2002. Laura Ayala at the age of thirteen years went missing March 10, 2002. She was previously listed as an I45 victim but since has been linked to Sorto, Cubaís and Navarro. A drop of blood found in Cubaísí fatherís SUV was linked to Ayala by DNA testing. The three suspects refuse to discuss their involvement in Ayalaís murder and have not been charged in the case.