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The night was going by so fast and it was going so well for Cinderella that she almost forgot this time. She quickly looked up at the clock and realized then it was almost about to sugar land chiropractors be midnight so she told the prince that she had to go, and she can no longer stay. The prince was very curious as to why she had to leave and such a rust in fuel sender and the run down the door steps of the castle and left behind a glass slipper but the Clock Was ticking and it was too late for her to run back and get it so she just sucked it there. He picked up the glass slipper and looked at it and knew that that sugar land chiropractors was the only thing he had left from her and quill on how he was going to figure out on who she wants since he didn’t even get her name. The rest of the night he had made of his mind and you that that was going to be his wife. Party ended the girls Dade dancing by themselves the rest of the night and came back home. Cinderella ride back home just in time before the spell was broken but was so happy. Everything she had ever wanted I came true and even more that night. She was such amazement and so in love with sugar land chiropractors the prince and you that she had to see him again, but she was not able to because she was never allowed to leave the house. Her evil stepmother and sisters were always looking at her and making sure that they kept her busy so the only thing that she had time to do for work and do chores. Too quickly changed to her nightgown and then her you’ll Step Brothers and Sisters arrived. They told Cinderella that they had dance the entire night with a prince and that they had such a beautiful time boy and that she had missed it all. They wanted to make her feel jealous because they thought that she was not there, but little did they know Federal I was there the entire time and she had the princess and Chenal to herself. Cinderella just listen to everything that they had to say and nodded because she did not want to let her secret out and let them know that it was actually her who was with the prince the entire night. The next morning everything resume back to normal she was back to working all day with chores to do and the evil stepmother and stepsisters being mean to her as usual. King was determined to find whose glass slipper it was for his prince. The prince knew that is he wanted to wife whoever that glass slipper belong to. He was desperate to find out and he knew that he was going to do whatever he could to find that girl. He ordered his assistant to try the shoe made out of class on every single girl in the town till he found the right one who fit in it. Everyone was so sure that the shoe belonged to them because they wanted to marry the prince, but the assistant went through everyone in the town and no one fit into the glass slipper. He finally arrived in Cinderella’s house and when Cinderella saw them from afar that the prince was coming, she was so happy sugar land chiropractors she told her evil stepmother and stepsisters that the prince was coming. Quickly the evil stepmother told Cinderella to go to the basement and not to come out. Cinderella insisted on staying and waiting on the prince, but she bores her to go to the basement and wait and to not make any noise. She quickly shut the door on Cinderella as she pushed her and locked her inside the basement. Cinderella was crying and very upset because she wanted to see the prince again. The prince system finally knocked on the door and ask for all the woman who attended the ball to try on the glass slipper because the prince wanted to see who it belong to. Cinderella’s evil stepsisters drizella and Anastasia tried on the glass slipper and it did not fit. They tried so hard to make the glass slipper fit and force their see inside the shoe that it came popping right off and hit the assistant on the glass head. They insisted that the shoe belong to them, but it was not true he was sure that it did not belong to sugar land chiropractors that because he did not fit. PS2 the role of evil stepmother if there were any other woman in the house who could possibly fit into the shoe and she insisted that there was not. Disappointed the princess assistant walked away because he was not able to find who The Shoe belong to and he had already tried on the glass shoe and every girl in the town. As he was walking out, he heard the most beautiful voice singing. He looked up only to see that it was Cinderella thinking outside the window. He told the evilest woman a why did she lie about not being another girl there and she said that Cinderella was nobody and that she had not attended the ball that night. The man insisted that Cinderella try on this shoe so he finally let her out the room and she tried on the glass slipper. It instantly fit the girl that he had been looking for the entire time was finally found. That you will sell sisters and mother were in shock as to see sugar land chiropractors that it was Cinderella who had stolen the princess car that night. Her torture was finally over. Cinderella was immediately taken to the castle where she married The Prince and she lived happily ever after. The end.