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When a little girl was born to Mom took a bit of a less interest into music because she wanted to focus more on being a mother but the father loved music so much that he would go out of town sugar land chiropractors sometimes in trouble and play music. There was a family of a little girl and Mom and Dad. The dad was a musician and he would go out and travel and play music. The mom would also sing sometimes but the father as they both played music. One Day the father died and never came back in the and the mother was so upset and heartbroken that the father had chosen music over their family that she decided to be in music in her home. Nobody would be allowed to play music or hear it. Instead of being sad and depressed of how the situation had taken a turn she decided to focus on being able to support her family and started a shoe business. As a family continue to grow and expand everyone in the family learn to make shoes and they would work as a family together making shoes and oh babe the grandmother’s rules of no music whatsoever. on the day of the dad every year families work makes altars and put pictures of their loved ones that have passed away and decorated them with flowers and candles visit their graves does that need to be able to celebrate their loved ones who have passed away and remember their life that they had once lived. Many years passed and the great, great grandson of the grandmother who had band music from her everyone in her family’s life had a big secret. He loved me sick. He lived for it and he would always secretly play it behind his family’s back. His name was McGann and he was a little boy who had a guitar hit it on the roof of their shoe making business so that nobody and his family would see that he had a guitar and that he enjoyed the play. He particularly looked up to famous Mexican singer who went by the name Julio. Julio this is a famous singer and was known for most of his songs but unfortunately passed away due to a giant Bell running over him at one of his concerts. Regardless up Coolio’s dad that he loved music and always sad that you should go out and achieve your dreams and that was what Miguel always lived for. We wanted to achieve his dreams sugar land chiropractors and be a musician but it was very difficult to do when he had a family that then music entirely from their lives. One day while polishing shoes at a local laws that he was speaking to a musician and telling him about all his dreams and that he had about being a musician. The guy handed him his guitar and wanted to see if he was able to play and just as he was about to start playing the guitar his grandmother walked in and saw him play. He was about to play but his grandmother told him that he knew better than to be playing music. Music brakes a family and that was exactly sugar land chiropractors what had happened to their family years ago and they were not trying to go through that ever again so that is why they were banned. He really wanted to play but he knew that as long as he was around his family that was never going to happen so if you wanted to do so he had to do it behind their backs. You apologize to his grandmother and even though they had fix the situation she was so worried that he would continue playing so that was why she came up with a brilliant idea. She had decided to get him to stop polishing shoes and instead start making the shoes with their family so that he could continue their family business making shoes. He didn’t really care much for making shoes of all he care for was so that he would be able to be a musician and play so that everybody could hear him. He had secretly taken a flyer from the Plaza that was for a talent show sugar land chiropractors for musicians so that they could be played and heard. He wanted to play in the talent show and just as he was going to began playing his guitar she saw that the guitar that his famous musician that he looked up to named Julio had the same guitar as his great, great, great grandfather. he only had this torn up picture with his great-grandmother and perv mom and father put the picture of the father was torn from the face of He Could Only See the guitar. He Max the guitar to the famous musicians Julio guitar and saw that it was the exact same guitar. He was so excited. he quickly ran to show his grandmother that they had a musician in their family and instead she discovered his secret hiding spot where he had his instrument and broke his guitar so that he would no longer play any music. He went crying all the way to the plaza trying to go and play. When he wanted to sign up for the talent sugar land chiropractors show they told him that he had to have his phone instrument and that was a problem because his grandmother had broken his guitar and he had nothing to play with. You tried to ask everyone in the plaza to let him borrow an instrument so that you would be able to play but we had no luck sugar land chiropractors so he knew he only had one last choice that you could do in order so that he could be able to play at the plaza. He had to go to his famous great, great, great grandfather’s grave Julio and use his guitar that he used up his performance this.