One of the most often asked questions about fairies is are they real and then the next question is can they fly. Well if you ask the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors you would probably receive different answers depending on who you asked. And if there are fairies, then yes, they can fly if the wind is just right. But flying is not the only thing that the wings are used for. Fairies can use their wings to say “hello” to each other they can use their wings to taste the air, they also can use their wings to express their moods. Another thing that fairy’s user wings far is to look beautiful and show how important that are in fairy society. Another thing wings are good for is it to be a comfortable cushion when the fairy lays down for a nap.

If you were to look in a dictionary you would probably see several different ways to spell fairy but lots of famous authors and poets spell it differently some spell it “faerie” or “faery”. Well it is our custom to spell the word “fairy”. It’s just a little-known fact that you can spell it any way you want the word for fairy is a lot like the little creatures themselves ever changing and not very inclined to follow the rules. However, the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors follow all the HIPAA rules and laws. Fairies love gifts. They love to get them, and they also love to get them. A fairy’s favorite gift is a small shiny object or something good things to eat and drink. If you want to be friends with a fairy offer a gift first. A fairy doesn’t trust human words, but they believe that gifts can usually be trusted.

We all think of fairies as being extremely beautiful and we even think they are more beautiful than humans can imagine but not all fairies are beautiful. Some look frightening or silly. Some fairies can take the form of an animal or even a plant. Most fairies can change their appearance to look any way they want to. You might think then that a fairy would want to be young and pretty all the time. This is the cause that’s what most humans would do. However, fairies have their reasons to look ugly or old and enjoy doing so. At Sugar Land Chiropractors we do not care what everyone looks like.

You may have heard that many fairies are allergic to the metal iron. Iron does not kill fairies like some people say. However, iron can make them feel sick inside. And the smell of iron is terrible to a fairy. In olden times folks would hang in iron horseshoe on their door to keep bad fairies away. Unfortunately, this would also keep the good fairies away. In one of the rooms at Sugar Land Chiropractors there is a horseshoe hanging on the wall. This is considered good luck to some humans.

We live in a world apart from the human world. The fairy’s worlds have its own rules about size and distance. That’s why when fairies visit humans no one can agree what size they are. Many people have seen say that some are tall like Giants. Others say they are about the same size as humans you have those people that think they’re small enough to fit in a teacup. Everyone at Sugar Land Chiropractors has a different opinion about the size of fairies.

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A long, long time ago people started to tell stories about the tiny flower fairies and to draw pictures of them in books. They drew pictures of fairies sitting on mushrooms, taking a ride on a mouse or even sleeping in a bird’s nest. Fairies heard these stories and thought that it all sounded like great fun. Luckily for fairies they can choose to be any size they want when they visit the human world. It is possible that the tiny flower fairies visit Sugar Land Chiropractors without ever being seen.

So, where do fairies come from you ask. It is said that the oldest and strongest fairies were once fallen angels. Those that are the darkest can be the most dangerous. Some were once humans who got lost in the fairy lands this is where time works differently. As magic permeated them to their souls, they turned they became immortal and beautiful, but they lost all their humanity and they lost their capacity for compassion. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors have much compassion for their patients.

A very often begins as a failing which is the child of a human fey coupling. If the child is born in the fairy lands the turn immediately into a fairy if they are born in the human world, they may never know about their very nature. The fairies expect good manners, but do not like to be thanked. They think that saying thank you is an insult. Many fairies think that these words are insufficient acknowledgement of their favor, but they do love gifts for appreciation

It can be dangerous to accept favors since some fairies’ mere gratitude won’t be adequate payment. The fairy will want something in return. It might be your iPad, or it could be the cheap sparkly earrings that somebody is wearing. But you should beware as they will more likely want the one thing you don’t want to give and when it’s most inconvenient to give it excepting fairy magic generally does not turn out well for humans if you think about it in most fairy tales there’s always a problem with the wish a fairy grants.

On troop night which is called Halloween or mischief and I cried humans the fairies gathered together then go out into the human world and a long procession if they’re light fae they spend the hours from midnight to dawn granting favors and doing good deeds if they’re dark they cast curses pull tricks ancreate habits wagga humans When it comes to eating, fairies do not like bread, and they do not like salt. If you want to keep a trinket safe from a fairy pour a circle of salt around it. It’s also a good idea to keep a holy cake in your pocket when you go abroad at night. Especially on Halloween night.

If you see a fairy throw crumbs or salt out it and run as fast as you can. No one at Sugar Land Chiropractors has even run into a bad fairy or a good fairy either. In the fairy lands time is much different than in the human land never ever go into the fairy lands without having a strategy to exit since time passes so fast there 100 years can feel like a day. Be careful going into the mystic because it is like breaking spell. For humans to escape they must say “I forgive you” three times to the fairy who detain them. Above all thing’s fairies love music, the most. They’re good at making music. Their music can keep the human dancing until their feet nearly fall off.