WaterÖ it is fun to be in right. I love the water so much growing up that I use to say I was Poseidonís daughter. Ha-ha little me having an imaginary brain as you can see. I am pretty sure most of us have seen the movie Aquaman and we can say that he is quite fit. Who agrees? Just imagine all the swimming Aquaman does. To me that is tiring well at least for others because unlike me I cannot swim. I mainly just float and doggy paddle my way through water. But did you know that lower back pain can actually be treated through Top Sugar Land Chiropractors muscle strengthening exercises. Swimming actually takes a lot of strength if you do not know about that fact.

When you are swimming the muscles that are being strengthened help increase the stability of the spine. This also helps with taking pressure off the joints. When you do swim it does get tiring, but do you know why. It is because swimming uses different muscles that you as the individual do not use on a normal day. But some muscles being used are your core muscles, back muscles, leg muscles and arm muscles and this helps the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors spine to function better.

So, if you are not feeling the gym today just go jump into the pool and swim around. Swimming is considered as a full body workout and that is something you cannot say when you are on the treadmill. So, what other things can you do in the water to help reduce your chances of getting back pain or manage the back pain you are feeling already. It is really easy. Just walk! Literally something as little as walking in the pool can make a difference in your spinal health. SometimesÖ well most times it is hard to walk in water because you are Top Sugar Land Chiropractors strengthening yourself from the waves coming towards you. This makes your muscles work harder than normal.

Like I mentioned above doing some laps no matter what swimming strokes you use. If you are someone like me doggy paddle is the only thing you know how to do that will work too. Doggie paddle can also work to strengthen the muscles in the back, hips and chest. Last one we will talk about is water aerobics. If you are one who likes challenges, and you are okay with challenging your heart then this is for you. Aerobics helps you have a healthy heart without putting stress on the joints.

Aerobics will help not only strengthen the muscles but also improve your flexibility and amp up your cardio. If you want to learn more about it ask your chiropractor about it next time you go in for an adjustment because of back pain. It is a victory for your body to get your swimming in and getting your chiropractic visits in! You will feel like a new Top Sugar Land Chiropractors person each time.