Thoracic outlet syndrome have you heard of it? You may not know but the sound of it sounds a bit scary. You are not the only one who thinks that every Top Sugar Land Chiropractors healthcare word that sounds big is scary. Peopleís fear tends to get worse when symptoms and side effects are mentioned that may come with the condition and then they confuse themselves. But letís give you the run down of the thoracic outlet anatomy first. Where is the thoracic outlet at anyways? It is actually a space that is close to the bottom of the neck but also the top of the shoulder. If that makes any sense.

Through the space there is the brachial plexus. Now plexus is a bundle of nerves, or it can be vessels. So, the brachial plexus is made of nerves. These nerves control the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors movements and any feelings in the shoulder, arm or hands. Now what is thoracic outlet syndrome. This condition happens when the brachial plexus we were talking about previously and the blood vessels in that space have been compressed due to the surrounding structures. Some may ask well ìhow does the compression happen in the first place?î The answer is that there is a variety of reasons on why this happens. One reason though can be due to a misaligned rib or clavicle. It can also be that range of motion is being restricted in that first rib or clavicle as well. Any tightness in the cervical muscles may cause compression as well.

What are some Top Sugar Land Chiropractors symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome? This kind of depends on the structures that are involved in the compression. But some symptoms can be numbness or tingling in the neck, shoulders or hands. There can be weakening of hand grip. If a blood vessel is being compressed that may include pain in the arm and hand, weak pulse in the lower portion of the forearm there can be no pulse as well. Discoloration in the hand, weakness in the neck and being fatigue in the upper extremity as well. So, as you can see there are a lot of different symptoms but like I said it just depends on what is being compressed. So, symptoms may vary with each individual. Now we move into the treatment.

What treatment can help with thoracic outlet syndrome? Chiropractic care can help. Remember when I mentioned how it can be that there is a misalignment, or the range of motion is being restricted? Well chiropractic adjustments help these two situations by promoting full and proper function of the structures in this situation that create the outlet.

See chiropractors can manipulate that first rib and clavicle for proper alignment and range of motion for both This may be scary for you but if you are experiencing any of the symptoms or were diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome then come to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health. Let our doctor help you through your pain and be the one to help you reduce or stop those symptoms that can be quite crucial.