Thank you for joining me again this evening for these nightly podcasts. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell main chiropractor and Restoration Health at Premier in Sugar land chiropractors office. Performance podcast in hopes that you can take tips and tricks to your daily life to have a healthier happier life style. And in tonightís podcast we will be discussing false representation of symptoms.
We have discussed something similar before but I feel that this topic deserves mentions a second time especially for sugar land chiropractors and their patients. Recently so had a patient who came in previously with moderate levels of pain and difficulty with ambulation meaning walking. One a subsequent visit the patient claimed to be better and suffering no pain even though their gait still had evidence of pain since there was decreased stride and step as well as an antalgic lean when they entered the office. Upon performing an examination the patient had a painful grimace or jump sign during specific parts of the exam while simultaneously reporting negative to pain with certain tests.
This level of duplicity does not hurt me. It does not hurt the staff and it does not affect our health. The only person who is affected by misrepresenting symptoms was the patient. As sugar land chiropractors can tell you when a patient lies about their symptoms it only hurt the patient hurting themselves.
Now some people are wondering why a patient would lie about symptoms. Usually patients decrease levels of symptoms when they do no have a good doctor patient relationship with the treating doctor. This is typically done on the initial visit at sugar land chiropractors as report has not been established yet.
What makes this case interesting is the duplicity happened on a patient that was established. This means they were. A patient of mine off and on for a long time who I had build a great report with and had helped with several issues in the past. This would not be a common occurrence with a patient established with this report build.
I looked further because of this and what I determined to be the cause was a patient who was being pressured at work and he did not want to lose his job. His bills were piling up and he was stress, anxious, and worried about losing his house, his car, not being able to provide for his family. I can relate and understand these worries.
Now I can understand the severity of losing a job. I can understand not having income even the bills keep piling up. However you only have one body. And Shirley and Now I can understand the severity of losing a job. I can understand not having income even the bills keep piling up. However you only have one body. And Sugar land chiropractors say all the time you cannot replace yourself chiropractors say all the time you cannot replace yourself. You can find a new job, you can replace a broken car, you can even get a new pet if yours unfortunately passes away. However you cannot replace yourself. Therefore letís take the time to get better now so you can stay better in the future.
What I mean by that last statement is you can either set aside the time to get better now and miss some work or you can keep working and then due to health problems no longer be able to work soon there after. I know that is not comforting time specially when bills are piling up but you have to think of the long term not the short term.
The one thing that Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office strives to do is reduce an injuries impact on your life. In order for this to be accomplished the patient must work with the chiropractor and perform the exercises or therapies to the best of your ability. This means you must perform the exercises that are requested of you you must perform the number of repetitions per set and the number of sets requested. Each one of these repetitions needs to be the best possible repetition correctly and four incorrectly reduces the effectiveness of the exercises reduces the rehabilitation and increases or prolongs your time injured that you can give. Performing six out of ten Correctly and four incorrectly reduces the effectiveness of the exercise reduces the rehabilitation and increases or prolong your time injured.
Therefore let us as sugar land chiropractors and patients, work together so we can get you better as quickly as possible returning to work as quickly as possible so that way the stress of bills piling up without income or a paycheck coming in can be avoided. This also means accurately describing your symptoms to the best of your ability and not falsely reporting symptoms in the hopes of shortening your treatment plan. Do not hurt yourself by falsely reporting symptoms. This goes for either decreasing or downplaying the symptoms or the opposite of increasing or exaggerating your symptoms. Be accurate for your sake. Let us focus on the symptoms and you can actually restore your health. Please call Restoration Health today and we can create a treatment plan based on your health problems and we can reduce those symptoms you do have even if you do not want to admit those symptoms to yourself at this time.
I do hope you found tonightís podcast on false representation of symptoms informative and educational. If you know someone or if you yourself suffer from pain please contact Restoration Health today in order to schedule an appointment. If you or someone you know needs the services of Sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today as well so that we can schedule an appointment. Thank you once again for Joining us and I hope to see you have a good night. Join us next time.

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