Migraines are severe headaches that can have many different symptoms ranging from a throbbing or pulsating pain to an increased sensitivity to light or sound to feeling nauseous. Migraines affect approximately one in every five women while it is less common in men affecting about one in every fifteen men. There are many reasons for migraines; Sugar Land Chiropractors work hard to discover the triggers one might have with the onset of a migraine. Usually, migraines begin in early teens and continue during adulthood.
Migraines are divided into several different types which are recognized by Sugar Land Chiropractors such as:
• Aura migraines which show specific warning signs such as seeing flashing lights just prior to the beginning of a migraine attack
• Silent migraines which can be described as a migraine aura without a headache. This particular type of migraine presents itself with an aura or other associated symptoms.
• Cluster migraines are when a person has multiple migraine attacks in a short period of time
• The most common migraine is one that does not have an aura but involves the sudden onset of a migraine attack that happens without any specific warning

Migraines usually present in the form of self-timed recurrent severe headaches associated with autonomic symptoms. Approximately 15-30% of people who have these types of migraines with an aura whereby less than 10% have migraines with no aura present. Migraine frequency, severity and duration is recognized by Sugar Land Chiropractors and from person to person varies. Any migraine that lasts longer than 48-72 hours is called a status migraineurs. Some migraines have as many as four phases but not all migraines have all four phases. These phases are:
• The prodrome phases which can occur hours or even days before the actual migraine attack begins
• The pain phases
• The aura phases
• The postdrome phase which affects a person after the migraine
Some causes of migraines are follows:
• Major depression
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder
• Anxiety
• Bipolar disorder

Migraines that result from psychiatric problems are 3-10 more likely in people that suffer from aura migraines and 4-7 times more likely in patients that do not have aura migraines. Approximately 50-60% of people with migraines experience premonitory or prodromal symptoms. Those people that experience prodromal symptoms have an onset anywhere from one hour up to forty-eight hours before the start of a migraine attack. Prodromal symptoms can include many symptoms including fatigue, food cravings, altered mood, irritability, stiff muscles, depression or euphoria, sensitivity to smells or noise, and constipation or diarrhea. People that have aura migraines and people without aura migraines can both experience some or most of these symptoms. Studies of the brain done with neuroimaging seem to indicate that the hypothalamus and the limbic systems are the origin of prodromal symptoms in migraine sufferers.

Chiropractic treatment, such as that utilized by Sugar Land Chiropractors, is designed to allow the body to heal naturally. Treatment that focuses on the body’s alignment can help to alleviate pain and improve mobility and function to the body. Many practitioners engage in stretching, moving and manipulation of the spine to make “adjustments’ which help re-align the body. Research on chiropractic treatments mostly focuses on spinal manipulation and the benefits it has for joint conditions, back pain, headaches and neck pain. There are not many large studies on the benefit of chiropractic treatments for migraines. However, a meta-analysis published in 2011 found three randomized, controlled trials to evaluate. Information from two of the trials indicated that chiropractic mani0putlation has no effect on the headache index or migraine duration and disability compared with drug therapy. The third trial included in the meta-analysis indicated significant improvements in migraine frequency associated with migraine compared to detuned interferential therapy. Bases on existing evidence it is believed that chiropractic care, like that of Sugar Land Chiropractors, may in fact be helpful for many conditions, including migraines.
Possible side effects from chiropractic manipulations tend to be temporary. The side effects can include the following:
• Tiredness
• Headaches
• Soreness or discomfort
There have been some rare reports of serious side effects which include:
• Stroke
• Pinched nerves
• Damage to herniated disks
However, the cause and effect have not been proven.
When considering chiropractic care for migraines it is important to consider the following:
• Make sure you choose a chiropractor that has proper credentials
• Let your chiropractor know which medications you take, which supplements you take and any medical conditions you might have
• Pregnant women should consult their doctor before seeking chiropractic care

Over 37 million people in the United States suffer from migraine headaches. If you happen to be one of the people that suffers from migraines, then you probably have tried multiple types of pain medication without much success. If you are a migraine sufferer, then you will be happy to know that chiropractic treatment, such as that provided by Sugar Land Chiropractors, possibly can hold the key to treating migraines.
Migraine headaches differ from regular headaches whereby the cranial blood vessels expand during a migraine headache, but cranial blood vessels narrow during a regular headache. With the expansion of the cranial blood vessels the surrounding tissues in the brain become swollen and thus extremely painful. Many people suffering from such intense pain as a migraine tend to throw up and even have trouble with their vision.

The first step to treating any effective migraine is properly diagnosing the migraine. Chiropractic care such as that offered by Sugar Land Chiropractors, can effective treat many kinds of headaches which also includes migraine headaches. When there are irregularities or misalignments in the spine this can lead to muscle tension and irritate nerves which control blood flow to the head. Neck and back pain can be triggers for migraines. By treating neck and back pains then the intensity and length of migraines can be managed. Sugar Land Chiropractors diligently works to treat neck and back pain of migraine sufferers. Although there is no definitive cure for migraines, chiropractic treatment is one option to strongly decrease the negative effects of migraine headaches. Chiropractic treatment for migraines is vastly different from other treatments of migraines as it incorporates multiple methods to treat the source of migraines rather than just trying to minimize the migraine after it has started.