Thank you for joining me again this evening for our nightly podcasts. I perform these podcasts in the hopes that you will be able to education yourself on the topics discussed so you can make better informed medical decisions regarding your health in the future. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we discussed additional therapies which Restoration Health could provide to a patient. All told we have therapies which can help a wide variety of conditions and the skills needed to help a wide variety of patients. Tonight’s podcast will focus on the types of patients which Restoration Health can help.

When most people think of sugar land chiropractors they think solely of aches in the neck or back. That is the end of what they think chiropractors can help with. We at Restoration Health are here to tell you that this is not true. We have the skills, we have the know how, and we have the experience to be able to help patients with conditions beyond a simply ache in the neck or a pain in their back.

Since most people know the insurance or cash system we will start there. These are the conditions which people have from performing their hobbies on a weekend or when they hurt themselves in the gym or woke up with a stiff neck after a long trip. This is when they call a schedule an appointment with their sugar land chiropractors to get back to their lifestyle as quickly as possible. At Restoration Health we perform these services, but what sets us apart is our service. We understand life is busy. We understand your day is hectic. We know that that ache in your neck is preventing you from performing your best in the office or in the classroom. We understand that your back is preventing you from getting a good night sleep.

This is why we have the hours that we do. This is why we do not close for two hours in the middle of the day for lunch like other sugar land chiropractors do. If you need us and can get away during your lunch break you can trust that Restoration Health will be open and we will do our best to get you scheduled quickly and conveniently. We know that sometimes you get off work late. We do our best to ensure we can schedule you an appointment later in the day so that way you can get a good night sleep once you get home.
With these types of patients and conditions they are looking to use their insurance or simply pay cash. Restoration Health takes a wide variety of insurance plans and also accepts cash payments for the services we render.

Now we also treat patients who come into our office from being hurt at work. These types of patients fall under the Workers Compensation system of Texas. Now unfortunately for people who are hurt at work there are very few doctors who will treat you let alone sugar land chiropractors who know how to perform in a worker’s compensation setting. Rest assured that your answer to this problem is Restoration Health. We have years of experience dealing with the paperwork and the trouble that is the worker’s compensation system. You can trust that we have the knowledge and the know how to help get you better while also working within the constraints of the Texas Department of Worker’s Compensation.

With these worker’s compensation claims there is a delay due to the pre authorization process. For sugar land chiropractors who perform workers compensation they know there is a maximum of three days to wait for a response to therapy requested. If a non timely response is given, then the doctor must resubmit and wait a maximum of five days for a response. For any therapy requested, imaging requested, a referral to a specialist, or any other treatments sought there is a pre authorization process which must be adhered to. This provides delays in the patient receiving care.

That being said we at Restoration Health have performed these processes countless times and we can help keep your case on track in as quick a fashion as possible with workers compensation. Our experience with these matters can put you at ease that we are the right sugar land chiropractors to handle your workers compensation case.

A third type of patient which Restoration Health is able to help with is the personal injury patients. Usually these are patients who have had the unfortunate experience of being injured in a car accident. Now most people who have been in car accident understand the frustration of their primary care provider not seeing them due to the mechanism of injury or how the injury occurred being a motor vehicle accident. Because the billing is done in a different fashion these doctors do not want to see you.

This is where we at Restoration Health come into play. We know how to do the billing for these types of cases. We have experience with handling these types of cases. We have the expertise in treating the injuries sustained in these types of cases. The previous experience held by our staff is in the area of personal injury. We have worked with numerous patients and their legal representation on how to not only get them better but help them move forward and past not only their injuries but also the legal case surrounding a car accident.

Thank you for joining me again this evening for another great podcast. I hope you enjoyed the discussion on the types of patients which we at Restoration Health can help. As always should you or someone you know require a sugar land chiropractors services or simply have more questions on what was discussed please call Restoration Health today. We would love to schedule you an appointment and get you on the path to better health today. Thank you once again for joining us. Have a good night.