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The big lion king uncle scar had tried to make him feel sugar land chiropractors and blame him for the death of his father. They finally arrived at the end of a cliff and his uncle scar had no other choice but the face the lion and confront him the truth. When the big lion ling had finally been able to approach his uncle scar he challenged him to a fight because his uncle Scar did not want to step down from the throne so easily. They then started to argue to argue and attack each other trying to show off who was the strongest one. They were going on about each other tackling each other trying to win back their place and how who was going to real the new Pride land now. They were tackling each other on and off roaring and scratching until he was able to Uncle scar to get send button to the edge of a rock where he slipped and started holding on to the Rock hanging. Well the whole arguing was going on the pride land was set on fire and there was fire everywhere burning all throughout the land and nobody to stop it. So when the big lion king fell from The Rock he hung on to the edge of the Rock by clipping his nails on to the sharp Rock China hold on tight. That was when his uncle’s car came sugar land chiropractors and approached him close by and told him that he had seen if you just like that before. He started whispering in his ear and was like this was exactly how and he suddenly confessed the entire thing to him that he had killed his father and that’s how it was. It then all came to the big Lion King’s head and everything started to make sense to him. His uncle’s car had a killed his father so that he could be able to rule the pride land and become the new king. You realize that this was all his uncle scars and tire planters whole time. The plan was to have him and his father killed so that he could be able to be king but since his father Had been able to save him and then he needed help he had no other choice than to kill his brother which is The Lion King and that was why he had told him when he was a young lion cub to run away and never look back because he was just wanting to be a king this entire time. He snapped back into reality and Furious and angry for having known the truth and blaming his uncle scar for the death of his father he quickly was able to bounce back onto the Pride Rock and attack his uncle’s car calling him or murder. Standing behind all of them where the hyenas and the pack of the Lions watching them as they were both fighting going on about things. That was when the new Lion King told him that he had to confess the entire truth to the rest of the Lions and hyenas so that they could all hear the truth and he confessed the truth that it was him who had killed. The other night. The other lions for furious and shocked to have find sugar land chiropractors out the truth that they then decided off two attacked him in each other and soon it was just a big argument over the hyenas and the Lions and the Lion King and his uncle scar. Just as everyone was arguing and fighting against each other the hyenas specifically targeted the big lion so that they could be able to leave the lion on Coast Guard so that he could not be harmed. They all attacked him and that was when the monkey also decided to join and the furry little creature friends meerkat and warthog also helping with the rest of the lion pack decided to I hope the Lion King and get him away from all the hyenas. While they sugar land chiropractors were all trying to help The Lion King get the hyenas off of him slowly underwear the uncle’s car started to run away as fast as he could and when the hyenas were all off of him he saw his uncle scar fading away so he ran after him trying to catch up to him so that he would not leave and he could be able to confront him for everything that he had done. You chased him to the end of a rock and pushed him to where he had finally been able to confronting him asking him a murderer and everything he had ever told him was a lie. His uncle scar apologize for everything he had done and asked him if he was going to kill him. That was when the Lion King had told him that he was not a murderer like him and he was not going to kill him but he told him to run away and leave away from the pride frog and never to return. The Lion King Scar agreed that he would run away and never come back and just as he was turning around walking away he dusted off some fire flames Into The Lion King side. They ended up fighting again and he was able to push him off of the cliff. When he went back to the pack of the Lions everyone was glad that the horror had ended and the true king who was born to be was finally able to be back into his throat in the pride lands can be ruled sugar land chiropractors by wonderful King just like his father. It then started to rain pouring down hard all over the pride lands stopping the fire that was going on and everyone gathered together to welcome the new king so that he can take back his throne.