Thank you for joining me again this evening for these nightly podcasts. I am Dr. Harrison Campbell main chiropractor and Restoration Health at Premier in Sugar land chiropractors office. Performance podcast in hopes that you can take tips and tricks to your daily life to have a healthier happier life style. And in tonightís podcast we will be discussing sleep.
No now those of you not been with us for a while can remember that we previously discussed sleep in a different podcast. However sleep is an important topic and I feel itís one that we should bring back up for those of you who are new. Now some of your guy wonít sleep asleep as long as I get enough it is fine what is there to discuss. Well not all sleep is created equal and it is important to have what Sugar land chiropractors call REM sleep spelled r e m.
this rim sleep is the sleep where our brain essentially idols and it gives us time to mentally recuperate from the previous day. It is during this room sleep that we actually rest.
Without the rim sleep people typically wake up groggy and stating you a taco alley did not sleep well the night before. Without this room sleep we have poor quality of sleep and again this is due to the fact that our brain does not have time to rest and recuperate from the previous day.
Having poor sleep in first in for most cause memory problems and difficulty with focus. It has sugar land chiropractors now in the brain deals with billions of stimuli in a given day and needs time to decompress and rejuvenate itself for another day of another billion stimuli.
Without giving her time to for her brain to rest and recuperate or motor skills decrease we become less pre cise we are not as decisive and we function as if we are in a fog because our brain is not functioning at peak capacity.
In addition to impacting the brain not getting quality sleep impacts the rest for Bonnie as well. Every day our bodies and her grow micro traumas which as sugar land chiropractors no need to be healed properly wear these micro travelers can build upon each other and become something more severe. Our muscles need time to recuperate from the exercises that we have done the previous day or ligaments and tendons need time to repair from the stress and strain placed upon them are bones need to remodel and the list continues to go on and on and on.
Sleep for sugar land chiropractors is important because it helps out patients heal and recover faster. One of the first steps that I served during a treatment plan is to focus on getting the patients back to having a good night sleep tour they feel rested when I get up in the morning. Not sleeping slows the recovery process and pro long as their injuries. It also frustrates the patients because people who are in pain donít rest well and when they donít rest theyíre tired but be even if they are tired but canít sleep again because of the pain of the rent. This creates a cycle poor sleep feeling tired not healing well Not sleeping well increases in pain feeling tired and the cycle goes repeats over and over again.
Therefore it is of utmost importance for sugar land chiropractors to break this cycle and get the patients able to sleep well so that way we can progress to other things and they will heal more quickly. It is amazing the difference in the healing rates of a patient who is sleeping well versus one was not sleeping well at all. Not only is this physical but it is also mental and a patient who is in pain and not sleeping well can very quickly mentally impact their healing due to their thought process.
Some of you have heard of the term placebo and what this is it is a control group which in most cases determines the mental impact of a given treatment on the patient. What I mean by this is you have two groups you give one group medication and a in the second group the placebo which is usually either a water capsule or a sugar pill or a fake treatment. The goal of this is to determine the effectiveness of treatment A but what can happen as patients who believe they have been provided the medication can exhibit signs of positive benefit from the placebo. This part of the positive affects come solely from the patient believing that they are getting benefits from this poor sleep placebo treatment.
Therefore the mental aspect of healing is very important not only for Sugar land chiropractors but for all medical field.
I do hope you found tonightís podcast on sleep informative and educational.
If you know someone or if you yourself suffer from pain please contact Restoration Health today in order to schedule an appointment. If you or someone you know needs the services of Sugar land chiropractors please call Restoration Health today as well so that we can schedule an appointment. Thank you once again for Joining us and I hope to see you have a good night.

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