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All we were done having breakfast with with them come upstairs and brush your teeth and finish getting ready sugar land chiropractors so that we could head out the door by 8:20. Now that my son is going to school or morning schedules or a little bit more different than how they used to be. In the beginning we would use chili wake up at the alarm of 7:30 and we were wake up and change and then go have breakfast downstairs. I would pack lunch for my son so that he could be able to eat at his babysitter’s house and then I would pack lunch for myself so that I can take to work. when all of that is done and all the lunches are back we would head out the door a little after 8 before 8:30 and we would go and drop off my son purse to his location which would be his babysitter’s house. I will drop him off first at his babysitter’s house unless I bought him breakfast. Sometimes we would pass to get donuts or kolaches or breakfast tacos and then I will go and drop him off. But it would usually be drop them off directly and then afterwards I would had to work sugar land chiropractors and be able to make it on time. I would work and depending on who ever got off her whether it would be me or my husband that would depend on who I pick up our child. Since I do usually and the one who gets off her earlier I am the one that usually pick some up most of the days. hold on that my son started school our morning schedules are a little bit more different. Now I wake up at 6:30 in the morning and when I wake up I get up and get breakfast ready and then wake up my son so that he can eat before we take him to school. once he is done eating then we go and get him dressed and get myself dressed and brush our teeth so that we can head out. I do not pack him lunch although I me some days In the mornings I always have to make sure that his lunches back if he’s taking one or at least this time because they do have some time during the day. I also have to make sure bottled water with a sore throat because water fountains are closed at school and that student cannot drink out of it so everyone is responsible for bringing their own water bottle to school eve I usually eat your breakfast then or I can get ready a little bit more like my hair or makeup but I have the extra time in the morning to do so. Once I gets around 8:30 I head out like my usual time as I used to before my son with the school so that I am able to make it to work on time. If I have to do something before I go to work or pass by the grocery store or put gas then I usually head out about 15 minutes before my son have started school I just feel like he is growing up so fast. You really think Joe is going and even the one trying to get ready he is so excited to wake up every morning and go to school and learn new things. He also does cry when I drop him off in this year to get off and go inside the school building. I liked that he is growing up and becoming so independent but since I sent it to me because I realize that he is so grown-up and he’s slowly does not need as much as he used to like the poor. Back when it was to support of us and I would stay at home all day and take care of him I would dream about the days that I would be waking up early and taking him to school in all that these days are actually here and they’re happening it seems very better sweet because I know it’s for the best sugar land chiropractors of him and he is learning but it’s also a sad part of me that knows he’s growing up and he’s becoming so independent. I know he will make me proud as I have pickles for him and I just hope that these pickles he will be able to accomplish not for myself before him. I want him to do much more than what I ever did and he better than what both my husband and I are. y regular time so that I will have enough time to do any task that I need to do before I go into work. I’m looking forward to him coming home with projects or stuff that we can work on together so that I can be able to help him to be able to accomplish his goals in do well in school. I am thankful that I am still alive and have the ability sugar land chiropractors to understand most of his school work and be able to help him and do what I can to make sure that he can succeed in school and do his best. I know that right now he is so young and that he is just getting started but we both have a long road ahead of us and within a blink of an eye I know in a couple of years I will see him walking across the stage , making not only myself happy but my husband as well. We all hope is apart of what we need to do everything sugar land chiropractors that we can to be able to help our children so that they are able to succeed and do things that we will never be able to do. Anyway if we are not able to do them we should still sugar land chiropractors need that example in becoming good members of the society so that our children will do the same as well.