Did you know that the spine can affect the rest of your body? So, you can do more research on it yourself but there was a doctor that decided to test each claim from the chiropractors who said their patient suffered from organic disorders. Well, what do I mean by organic disorders? Like kidney and heart disease or stomach ulcers those are examples of organic disorders. Kidney and heart disease is basically with these heart and kidney cannot function properly. Stomach ulcers are painful sores in the lining of the stomach.

The study was about Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractic care helping these disorders without any medications or surgery. To really get the right answers to this the doctor really had to study the human and dead body to determine if spinal health and any diseased organs somehow correlated. So, he did a lot of dissecting dead bodies to be able to find the answer to his question. Lets just say it was a lot of dead bodies he dissected and not all of them were human.

So, turns out that he found out that 100 percent of the diseased organs were related to a minor curve of the spine. So, I am about to list out those findings he did Top Sugar Land Chiropractors research on. One of the organic disorders he found was stomach diseases, liver disease, gallstones, pancreas, and spleen. Each of the ones he had dissected had cases dealing with a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors spinal misalignment found in the mid thoracic. Lung diseases had spinal misalignment in the upper thoracic spine. Kidney diseases had misalignment in the lower thoracic. Prostate and bladder diseases had Top Sugar Land Chiropractors lumbar vertebrae misalignment.

The deceased who had uterus conditions had second lumbar misalignment. Finally, the ones with heart disease had the upper five thoracic vertebrae misaligned. So, if you have spinal misalignments definitely get it checked out go see a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor because you do not want it to do further damage to your body. I know I would hate to have any of these diseases and got them just because I had a spinal misalignment that I never went to get adjusted because it was not hurting or bringing pain to me. Nobody wants a small problem to turn into a bi problem and it is the same thing here if you have a spinal misalignment.

You can give our office a call today or search us up online. The name of our office is called Top Sugar Land Chiropractors Restoration Health. Our number is 281 344 2034 and visit our website www.restorationhealthtx.com. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If you are wondering well, I have any of the diseases I listed above but if you can still receive Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractic care I would ask your doctor first. I am pretty sure you can but better to be safe than sorry right. A healthy spine is the goal for your body to function at its highest. It can definitely make a difference between your health and the disease you were diagnosed with. If you have any questions, feel free to call Top Sugar Land Chiropractors us. We are glad to help anyone get the answer to their questions.