Each state in America has many, many places to visit. Alabama is not exception. There are so many things to see and do there it would be very difficult to catalog each one. However, we will review just a few of these unique places. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractor would love to plan a trip to Alabama.
There is a place known as Ave Maria Grotto. It is a miniature city built by a single hunchbacked monk. This is in Cullman, Alabama. Located in Elberta, Alabama is Bamahenge. This is a fiberglass replica of Stonehenge. It would be great if the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors could visit this location. With is built on a scale the same size as the real Stonehenge. The Museum of Fond Memories at Reed Books is in the city of Birmingham. It is a unique book shop with a collection of rare tomes and a nostalgia museum. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors thing that there are probably more interesting locations to visit than this one. In Fairhope one can visit Tolstoy Park, the Unusual Home of Henry Stuart. This small hut in the middle of a parking lot was once the wooded sanctuary of the Hermit of Montrose.
The Grave of Miss Baker is an interesting place. This is where the first monkey America ever recovered alive after being launched into space. Bananas are often left as a sign of respect. It is in Huntsville. This is one location that the Sugar Land Chiropractors decline to visit. Moundville Archaeological Site is a collection of huge Pre-Columbian structures located in Moundville, Alabama. Another place to visit would be Sloss Furnace. This was once one of the largest producers of pig iron in the world. It is in Birmingham. Located in Montgomery is the Civil Rights Memorial. Designed by Maya Lin, the memorial honors 40 individuals who died fighting for equal rights between 1954 and 1968
Also located in Montgomery is Hank Williamsí Death Car. This Cadillac is where the countryís first big star was found dead. Holmes Medical Museum located in Foley is tucked away atop a quaint Alabama pharmacy. This tiny display of antique medical tools is quite unusual. Located in Birmingham is the Statue of Vulcan. It is a 58-foot-tall statue of the god of fire and looks out over the city. There is a tree that Owns itself. It is an autonomous oak in Eufemia.
Moving to the next location which is Tuscaloosa is Capitol Park. These ruins are all that is left of the former Alabama State Capitol. The Oaks, which is in Tuskegee is home of Booker T. Washingtonís home at the Tuskegee Institute. It was quite a place of splendor. Located in Elberta is Barba Marina. Go to see the boats and stay to explore the intriguing assortment of art. The art would be a treasure for Sugar Land Chiropractors to explore. In Lanett, Alabama one can visit Little Nadine Earles Doll House Grave. Inside this small brick bungalow is a collection of toys intended for the afterlife.
Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall is the longest wall in America. It is one manís tribute to his displaced Yuchi ancestorís 5-year journey back to her homeland. This can be found in Florence Alabama. Located in Huntsville is the KíRex. This is a 12-foot-tall T-rex and is the largest KíRex skeleton sculpture in the world. This sounds like a great place for the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractor to take their young children to visit. In Carrollton one can visit Henry Wellsí Lightning Portrait. The terrified face of Henry wells is etched on the garret window. Another place to visit is The Hodges Meteorite in Tuscaloosa. This space rock fragment is one of the only meteors to have ever struck a human.
Mobile Alabama is home to the Mobile Medical Museum. Since Sugar Land Chiropractor is all about medical this sounds like a great place to visit. It features several excellent medical models. The next museum you might want to add to your list is a natural history museum with an extensive collection of bird dioramas. In Birmingham one can visit the African Village in America. Joe Minter is only doing the work of God in his yard he states. Located in Montgomery is the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Colloquially known as ìthe lynching memorialí. This is the site where United States first memorial to the victims of racial terror at home.
In Dothan, Alabama there is a place call Peanuts on Parade. This city has been invaded by scores of anthropomorphic peanuts. Located in Orrville is the Old Cahawba Archeological Park. This ghost town houses the remains of Alabamaís old state capital. Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery is a cemetery for only coon hounds in northeast Alabama. This is in Cherokee, Alabama. Located in Huntsville Alabama is the MPTA-098. A propulsion engine testbed that paved the way for the Space Shuttle launch site. There was no recognition for the rocket center.
If any of the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors Anniston, Alabama you might consider visiting the Berman Museum of World History. This is a strange history museum, with items accumulated by a pair of globe trotting spies. Also, located in Anniston is the Giant Chair of Anniston. What better place for one to take a seat? Another place to visit in Birmingham is the Red Mountain Park. This 1,500-acre development hops to be the Central Park of the south. Moving on to Montgomery is Han Williamís Gravesite. The county music legendís grave is surround by Astroturf because fans kept plucking out the grass.
Located in Scottsboro, Alabama is the Unclaimed Baggage Center. One personís lost luggage is another personís treasure. Now we know where all the lost luggage from the airports go. Specter Set ruins is the remains of an idyllic small-town build for the film ìBig Fishî. It still stands around a rundown main street. This is in Millbrook. Located in Fackler is the Neversink Pit. This natural wonder drops 16 stories straight down through rare flora and streaming waterfalls. Alabamaís Natural bridge is 148 feet long and in the middle of a verdant forest. This is near Natural Bridge, Alabama.