Thank you for joining us again this evening for these nightly podcast. I do hope you are enjoying them. My goal with this podcasts is to better educate people in regards to the topics being discussed so they can make better informed decisions when it comes to their health care. I and doctor Harrison Campbell of restoration health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Last time we started our discussion on car accident and personal injury cases and we covered the topic briefly. Tonight we will dive more in depth to the insurance company aspect of the case so you can Better understand what your up against.
As mentioned last time insurance companies are in business and first in for most of business you need to make money. Making money does not often coincide with healthcare. This inevitably put insurance companies that arenít the people who suffered car accidents and those sugar land chiropractors or attempting to get these car accident victims better.
Now who is dying to watch down the rabbit hole I may clarify Iím speaking of companies not individuals. Not everybody who works at an insurance company holds these philosophies what is their job to enforce these philosophies. The company itself is just that the company is there to make business and business is money.
Now that weíve established that insurance companies want to make money and they make this money by not paying on claims you can understand the difficulties arise if you suffered from a car accident and her attempting to receive payment for either your vehicle to be repaired or for the therapy you required to get better to be covered. There are many stories and share in regards to insurance account is taking advantage of people who have suffered under a car accident.
Most people you response car. Sometime this goes off without a hitch you get your car fixed and thereís no problems to speak up. However more often than not very difficult things along the world of you getting your car fixed. Why many people donít understand is that I carry receive from the inner you sustained in the car should also be covered by the insurance company. Now when you see a sugar land chiropractors office for treatment one of two things will happen. If you do not have an attorney the doctor may bill you and have you negotiate with the insurance company over reimbursing you for the bills or the doctor may bill the insurance company directly and have you settle the difference.If you have representation at the end of your treatment the chiropractor will get all of the medical bills and all the medical records together provide those to the attorney and the attorney is off and running to get the full bills covered.
The attorneys which have represented my patients as a sugar land chiropractors office which does car accident write what is called a demand letter which sent to the insurance company. What this letter does is it basically says our client meaning you the victim of a car accident has sustained these injuries this is the treatment they have had and this is what you need to cover. The insurance company has thirty days to respond to this letter again because the insurance company makes money by not paying out money they typically wait till date thirty before they even discuss what was in that letter. Once they respond to the letter a back and fourth happens between the insurance company adjuster or the attorneys working for the insurance company and the attorney you have hired to represent you. Should sn agreement be made the case is settled and that is that. Should an agreement not be made the case will proceed on and potential go to court.
Now Restoration Health a Premier sugar land chiropractors office our main goal is to get you back to doing what you want to do as quickly as possible for making sure that the job is done right. This often puts us at odds with insurance companies because again the insurance companyís goal is to make money and having a car accident victim I was a little therapy as possible saves them money. I know we covered it last week already given briefly the premiums the insurance companies collect they invest that money and therefore make money off of the invested money. The longer they invest the money the more money that they make. The more money they make means the more money they can invest again. This creative cycle and they do not want to break the cycle. Therefore sweeping you under the rug decreases the money that they have to pay out which means they can keep making more money. Making no doubt about it you are an inconvenience for them nothing more. The sugar land chiropractors like Restoration Health who treat car accidents are nothing more than an inconvenience. At the end of the day their goal is to not have you get better it is not help you get worse it is not even know that you exist it is simply to make money.
As a sugar land chiropractor who is been seeing a personal injury or a car accident patients for years the stories that I have of insurance companies screwing people over are many. I have seen them bearing a clause in the paperwork someone needed to sign for their car to be fixed which stated they agreed to settle the case for a total of $500. Unfortunately this lady ended up having to run to need surgery as a result of her injuries for the car accident which she had to pay out-of-pocket.
Thank you for joining this podcast this evening. I do hope you found the topic of the insurance company aspect of a car accident case interesting and informative. Should you or someone you know be suffering from a car accident please call Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office today to schedule an appointment. I hope to see you tomorrow for another great podcast. Thank you and have a good night.