Thank you for joining me again this evening for our nightly podcasts. I perform these podcasts in the hopes that you will be able to education yourself on the topics discussed so you can make better informed medical decisions regarding your health in the future. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we discussed the health care debate but kept our focus on the impact it will have on patient choice. Tonight, we will focus on more light hearted topic of exercise and the endorphins it produces.

We have previously discussed exercise and the beneficial effects it has on the body. We will start by reviewing these benefits and then move into endorphins. Most people when they think initially of exercise they groan in frustration because they view it as something they do not want to do. There is a psychological aspect to this about starting a project you do not want to do, but we will steer clear of this particular aspect.

As sugar land chiropractors can tell you there is a initial hump to overcome with exercise but once a routine has been started it becomes easier to maintain and improve upon. To this effect we should choose to start our exercise regimen today instead of waiting until tomorrow. An easy way is to start nan exercise regimen off small. Most people tend to want to jump off the deep end when starting an exercise regimen then proceed to become discouraged shortly there after and ultimately give up.

Stretching is a good place to start. When done as sugar land chiropractors practice exercise take approximately five to ten minutes depending on the number of stretches performed. When performing a stretch you want to hold the stretch for a minimum of twenty seconds to obtain the desired results. For next stretches for examples there are two primary stretches performed for the trapezius and the levator scapulae and when stretching we want to stretch both side so they are done bilaterally. We perform the stretch three times per side for each stretch giving us a total of twelve stretches. If we hold each stretch for twenty seconds we are looking at two hundred and forty seconds which is an even four minutes.

Once the stretching has become routine we can add exercises on such as full body function movements or cardio. For cardio you want to have a warm up and a cool down, do not just start and stop. Therefore start off slow then move into the actual work out portion of the exercise then work into a cool down at the end. It is important to not make the warm up and cool down part of the time for the cardio exercise. For example if you are doing a twenty minute jog do not have a five minute warm up into a ten minute jog into a five minute cool down for your twenty minutes.

Now let us get back on track with our topic at hand. Since we left off on jogging or running we can move into endorphins. Most people have heard of a runner’s high and a majority of people have heard the term endorphins. What sugar land chiropractors know that most people do not is how endorphins function. Endorphins act in the brain and target receptors which function as reward centers for the brain. This is why runners enjoy running, their brain receives a reward in the form of endorphins when they run. If they missed their run they have I do not want to say depressed but a low feeling because they are missing the treat they usually get from running.

As sugar land chiropractors know, the receptors endorphins interact with are the same receptors many of the recreational drugs which produce a euphoric feeling interact with. This is why people who are trying to break an addiction to drugs gravitate towards the gym. They can achieve a similar feeling by having endorphins target and react with the receptors the drugs would interact with.

I have a family member who unfortunately fell on the way side with drugs. During their rehabilitation from the drugs he spent much of his time in a gym lifting weights or running to help reduce the craving for the drugs by stimulating those receptors in his brain with the endorphins. Now I want to be clear, no sugar land chiropractors who have a patient with an addiction to drugs will tell them simply to work out. Seek counseling to help with your fight but know that exercise can help alleviate some of the cravings.

Well to close we will be overviewing an exercise regimen to get you started if you have a desire to get in better shape. First and foremost you need to decide what outcome you are looking for. Is it weight loss? Is it muscle building? Is it to tone your body? Depending on the answer the exercise regimen you will be performing will differ. A good exercise routine which sugar land chiropractors perform for a general health includes a cardio exercise, either a bicycle, swimming, etcetera. Next there are free weight exercises. Now for me I focus on shoulder elbows, and wrist exercises as they pertain to my job when adjusting and I want to maintain the health of my upper body. For a less specific exercise full body exercises such as squats, burpees, lunges are good to perform. These full body exercises work multiple muscle groups and will provide the most bang for your buck.

Thank you for joining me again this evening for another great podcast. I hope you enjoyed the discussion on exercise and endorphins. As always should you or someone you know require a sugar land chiropractors services or simply have more questions on what was discussed please call Restoration Health today. We would love to schedule you an appointment and get you on the path to better health today. Thank you once again for joining us. Have a good night.