Massachusetts is a state that is filled with lots of history. Some of the history surrounding Massachusetts is good while other times are not so good. This is state that is filled with hauntings. You will see as we explore more of this state. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors particularly find Massachusetts interesting.
Let us start with Salem Massachusetts where many women were killed because the villager claimed they were witches. Salem has a huge connection with Halloween. This began during what is known as the Salem Witch Trial. The 19 innocent victims who lost their lives in 1692 were not witches. There were only accused due to Puritan beliefs of the time. The Salem Witch Trials were later revived with Arthur Millerís 1953 novel, The Crucible. And it was revived again in 1992 during the tercentenary of the events and the unveiling of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.
By 1982, the city of Salem planned the first Salem Haunted Happenings Festival. This occurred during the Halloween weekend in October. The festival was an effort to provide family friendly events for guests who were interested in visiting the city of witches.
Following the first festivalís success with approximately 50,000 guests in attendance, the annual event has continued to grow each year. This event draws in people of all ages and from families, couples, history buffs and Halloween enthusiasts from all over the world.
Today, members of the modern Pagan and Witch communities have a home in Salem. This is where Samhain is celebrated each October recognizing the end of harvest season and the coming of winter. The cityís modern witches have the unique opportunity of being able to share their beliefs and celebration with both local and out of town people.
Since 1982, Salem Haunted Happenings has evolved into a month-long event. It covers everything from family friendly magic shows to costume balls, psychic readings, haunted harbor cruises, ghost tours and more. Salem is known for the Halloween Capital of the world.
Massachusetts boast of other places to visit such as the Museum of Bad Art which is in Sommerville. This museum is dedicated to awful artwork. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors think this just might be worth seeing. Next located in Boston is the Ether Dome. The 19th century operation theatre in which the use of ether was first demonstrated ñ plus, a skeleton and a mummy! One might want to visit the Bash Bish Falls located in Mount Washington. This is one of the most scenic falls in Massachusetts and has a history of death and a grim legend. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors think this would be a great place to visit.
Next there is the Singing Beach at Manchester By the Sea. This unusual place is said to have a ìsingingî sound because of the friction between grains of sand. Located in Boston is the Franklin Parkís Overlook Shelter Ruins. The often-overlooked ruins of one of the first buildings designed by famous landscape architect Frederick Olmsted might be a great place for the Sugar Land Chiropractors to visit. There is also the Ruins of Schoolmaster Hill. Here is another place the Sugar Land Chiropractors might consider visiting. This is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent two year living here. Of course, this was decades before it became a Frederick Law Olmsted designed park.
Then there is the Eyrie House Ruins in Holyoke. The walkable ruins of an 19th century hotel, destroyed in a horse cremation gone wrong. The Sugar Land Chiropractors consider this a sad place and probably will choose not to visit here. However, we might like to visit the House of the Seven Gables. This house is 340 years old and inspired the classic novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is in Salem Massachusetts. Located deep in Cambridge is the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Three prestigious academic collections come together to create a world class natural history museum. This might prove to be interesting to Sugar Land Chiropractors and its staff. In Danvers one might want to visit the Salem Village Witchcraft Victims Memorial. This memorial of the Salem witchcraft hysteria in the town of Danvers is where it all began. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find it interesting how the hysteria can affect most of the people in a town or village.
One might think twice about visiting the Medfield State Hospital in Medfield Massachusetts. Unlike other abandoned asylum this empty institution welcomes visitors, just do not go int the buildings. This sounds just like a place the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to visit. However, they probably would not go alone. The Museum of Modern Renaissance is the former Masonic hall. It has been turned into an art project that uses even more metaphysical iconography. Another unique place that is in Gloucester is Dogtown ^ Babson Boulder Trail. This is a New England Ghost town that features a trail of boulders etched with intriguing life lessons.
Located in Boston is a very unusual place. It is the Mapparium. This is an enormous, inside out glass globe that was built in 1935. The Witch House of Salem is one of the only structures left with direct ties to the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. The warren Anatomical Museum in Boston is a medical museum that features the skull of the famous medical case of Phineas Gage. A must-see place is the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and Museum. Enjoy an overnight at an old haunted Bed and Breakfast site of the Borden family murders. Maybe one should think twice about staying here. This is in Fall River Massachusetts. Located in Gloucester Massachusetts is the Hammond Castle Museum. This is where an eccentric inventorís castle home was equipped with an indoor weather system. How odd is that? Located in Boston is the square that is dedicated to the dark poet, Edgar Allen Poe, who was born nearby. So, one can tell there are many, many places of interest to see in Massachusetts. There seems to be something for everyone.