You may or may not know that each AKC registered breed and there are currently 196 of them is assigned to one of seven groups: hurting, hound, toy, nonsporting, sporting, terrier and working. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. In honor of work like a dog on August the 5th we are taking a closer look at the working group to see what these 33 beauties were bred to do.

The Akita is dignified and courageous Japanese breed and was developed in the 17th century as a powerful Hunter with a strong worth ethic. Akita’s work in packs and take on big game such as wild boar, deer, and the fearsome bears. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractor like working dogs. They are so well regarded in this capacity that only the Imperial family and its court were allowed to own them.

One of the oldest lead breeds of the Arctic is the Alaskan malamutes which was created to work impacts to haul heavy loads at low speeds over long distances. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractor like working dogs. The affectionate, loyal, and playful dog was named after the native malamute tribe who settled along the shores northwestern part of Alaska.
Sheep and goat herders in Anatolia or Asia minor, the Asian portion of Turkey, developed this protective and territorial dog as a livestock guard period prior to World War Two the United States Department of Agriculture imported a breeding pair from Turkey in a top secret sheepdog project. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. This is how the American history began for the Anatolian shepherds and they are known to intimidate their predators rather than fight them. They are still active ranch dogs today protecting everything from sheep and goats to ostriches and llamas.
The Burmese mountain dog is striking beautiful appearance and sweet affectionate nature. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. Do not let these dogs fool you they were built for hard work period they were bred to drive cattle, guard farmyards from predators and more record for their ability to pull many times their own weight as drafting dogs.

The large immensely powerful black Russian dog is known for its courage confidence and intelligence in the 1930s a team of scientist’s temperatures worked together in a secret location near Moscow to produce the BRT a tireless himself that would help control Russian skinless borders and hold down prisoners at Stalin’s prison camps.

The boxer when combined an infection in nature, intelligence in a good work ethics that the ultimate doggy package. Originating in Germany in the late 1800s and early 20th century the modern day boxer was bred down from dogs that were used to run after, catch come and hold down predators such as bears, bison’s and wild boars. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. These days boxers are known to be versatile, holding jobs as cattle dogs, please dogs, war dogs in, and guard dogs and even Guide Dogs for the blind.

By crossing Bulldogs and mastiffs they came up with the bull mastiff. Gamekeepers in the mid to late 19th history produced a dog that would protect the animals of English aristocrat C targeted by poachers. The bull mastiff was smart enough to work on command, trackable enough to hold but not mall a poacher in massive enough to intimidate any intruder thus earning the nickname the gamekeepers not dog.

Since it breeds name roughly translates to bodyguard dog it makes sense that the cane Corsa was developed to fiercely charge enemy lines at the height of the Roman empire’s power. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. In the 5th century when the western empire dissolve these dogs to comb any civilian roles such as wild boar Hunter, livestock Grover and protect her farms and pastures in the Italian countryside.

The Doberman Pinscher is one of the world’s finest protectors’ dogs. With their mimic’s effect physique in keen intelligent these canines originated in 19th century Germany and were totally for placing military work period Dobermans in modern day continue to Excel in canine duty and as therapy dog, service dogs in search and rescue dog.

The dog argentine is a pack hunting dog bred for the pursuit of big game such as wild boar in Puma and possesses the strength and intelligence and quick responsiveness of a serious athlete. Today dogs still hunt wild boar across the United States.

The German pincher is one of the home lines in it excelled thanks to its seizing in nipping skills. Because of their intelligence encourage German painters now make excellent watchdogs and vigilantly guard their families.

The Giants schnauzer are larger more powerful versions of the standard sales are in was developed in the Alps sometime in the mid-1800s. They drove cattle from farm to market, but we are also known as formidable guard dogs for farmers, merchants, and innkeepers.

The Great Dane these gentle Giants are just that giant. Great Danes tower over most other dogs and when standing on their hind legs over most humans. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors like working dogs. Have incredibly old German breed taints hunted for rule wild boar alongside nobles. Nowadays he is friendly and dependable dogs are simply happy to protect their loved ones.

The Great Pyrenees breed were bred centuries ago to work with shepherds and herding dogs in the Pyrenees mountains. They were tasked with watching the flocks in deterring predators such as Wolves, bears or livestock rustlers. Their patients encourage or trade said made them so legendary after jobs.

The greater Swiss mountain dog is faithful and dependable an earned its keep as a harder, draft are an all-around pasture dog. Descending from war dogs brought over that house by Julian Caesar’s legions this breed also specialize in Holly modes and meat and dairy products to market traveling through remote mountain passes.

The mastiff is courageous as it is colossal the master was brought from Britain to Rome by Julian Caesars to battle wild beast in human gladiators in the arena. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractor like working dogs. Later on, in medieval England these dogs were used as big game hunters, state guardians in war dogs. Today master is definitely more docile and friendlier than its action forebears but is fiercely protective among those it loves.