Thank you for joining me again this evening for our nighty podcast. I do these podcasts in the hopes that you can better educate yourself on these topics so in the future you can make better informed decisions for your health care. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we discussed active and passive care along with home exercises. For tonight’s podcast we will start a discussion on chiropractic education or at least the chiropractic education in Texas. I was trained in Texas and hold a license in Texas. There are minor differences between states so if your chiropractor operates outside of Texas some aspects may differ.

Chiropractic education in Texas comes down to two school options. There is Parker University of in the Dallas Fort Worth area and there is Texas Chiropractic College in the Pasadena area. Outside of these two schools there are no other chiropractic institutions in the state of Texas. Typically most sugar land chiropractors were taught and trained at Texas Chiropractic College due to the proximity but I do know of some which attended school at the Parker school.
The educational requirements to enter chiropractic school for when I attended required a four year degree from a university meaning you had attended college and earned a bachelors degree. Depending on the bachelors degrees which you held would determine I additional classes were required. Usually if your degree was science based it covered the required prerequisites for attending chiropractic college.

For myself, long before I ended up starting Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office, I earned a bachelors degree at Baylor University in Waco Texas. My degree was in biology which enabled me to come straight in to the chiropractic school of my choosing without additional classes being required. Now as to which chiropractic school I chose, there is a story there based on what the two options were at the time.
I did not start out wanting to become a premier sugar land chiropractors institution, I originally wanted to go the traditional medical doctor route. My chiropractor at the time is the person who convinced me to give chiropractic a shot. He had been a student at Texas Chiropractic college which did provide some points to me selecting Texas Chiropractic College. I however wanted to research the differences between the two schools.

Now there are two schools of thought in chiropractic and this can be seen I in the types of sugar land chiropractors that are available. The schools, schools at least at the time when I was researching reflected these two schools of thought, where one was build around the chiropractic philosophy and the other was build around the science of chiropractic. Two very different points of focus to base an education of chiropractic on. Each has their benefits and their strength obviously.

I myself was also a science person and so a school which was built around the science of what chiropractic did, the science of how chiropractic worked, and the science of the neuromusculoskeletal system was tight up my alley. The other school was built around like I said the philosophy of chiropractic. They focused on a variety of techniques but the core of the studies were on the philosophy of the art of chiropractic.

The way I decided which chiropractic school to attend came down to which one would provide the better foundation. To be the best of the sugar land chiropractors available I wanted a foundation in the science which would allow me to provide the best care possible. The anatomy, the biochemistry, the physiology of the body would be what was important. Being able to know what the anatomy of the injured tissue was would allow me to create a treatment plan best suited for my patients.

Without a solid foundation nothing else would matter. Having seven different adjusting techniques is great and allows you to treat a variety of patients but if you do not have the background for what your adjusting or why your adjusting does it matter? Learning additional ways to adjust would be a valuable part of being one of the top sugar land chiropractors but having a bunch of ways to adjust would not make me the best.

Therefore at the end of the day I chose to go to Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena for my education. I feel like it was the best choice for me to make. That does not mean to imply it is the best choice for everyone. Each person interested in becoming a chiropractor should research the schools. Research the curriculum. These will allow you to make the best decision for you.
The last I spoke with someone from Parker the curriculum has changed over the years to more closely reflect a science heavy background while still providing the philosophy of chiropractic to the students. So do not choice based solely on my decision. I implore you to research each school. Figure out the pros and cons. Speak with current students and staff members. It will make your decision easier to make on which school to pick.

Thank you for joining me this evening for another great podcast. I do hope you enjoyed the starts on our discussion of chiropractic education. Should you or someone you know have questions or be seeking the services of sugar land chiropractors please give Restoration Health a call today to schedule an appointment. I hope to see you for tomorrows podcast. Thank again for joining in with us and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.