Thank you for joining me again this evening for our podcast. I perform these podcasts in the hopes you can take this information and better educate yourself allowing for a more informed decision making when faced with questions regarding your health. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Last time we discussed passive care in great detail. For tonightís podcast we will be covering the active care aspect of therapy.
Active care is part of the treatment plan where the patient is actively engaged in the therapy. As we discussed last night briefly due to this patient engagement often most sugar land chiropractors rely solely on passive care for the treatment plan. Now while passive care has good benefits and provides a decrease in patient pain and inflammation the end goal with passive care is of a short term nature.
Active care on the other hand drive towards a long term goal of improvement for the patient and ultimately achieves the main goal of Restoration Health. We have a desire of not only having our patient become pain free we want them to achieve and maintain a better overall health. This means that we look beyond the short term and focus on long term. We will decrease patient pain levels but also provide the tools so they can continue to better their health even passed their treatment plan.
While some sugar land chiropractors will look at that and scoff, patient health is not about money making for Restoration Health. We took an oath and we hold ourselves to that oath. We strive to make an actual difference in our patients lives. Now for some that difference is a decrease in pain levels and that is the only goal they have in mind. We will attain that goal but we will also try to educate our patients that pain is not the deciding factor for health. We will try to instill the thought process and belief that being pain free is not the same as being healthy.
I have said before in a podcast but it bears mentioning again. The body does not want to be in pain any more than you our self do. Therefore it will try to get to a point where pain is not present as fast as possible. This means that pain is the first symptom to disappear in an injury more often than not and unfortunately society has trained us to believe that when the pain disappears, we are better. This is not the case. This is why we at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office focus heavily on active care in conjugation with passive care in our treatment plans.
Now active care itself as we stated earlier means the patient is involved with the care, they are active participants not simply sitting there having something done to them. At Restoration Health this means exercises and stretching is a key component. Stretching is a good form of active care due to the benefits is has on the body. Stretching will allow for more flexibility is the tendons and muscles allowing for increases in range of motion. This can help prevent injuries such as pulling a muscle or straining a tendon.
In addition to these benefits having proper muscle flexibility can help decrease common health problems which result of improper motion in the joint. One of the leading causes of back pain in the United States is tight hamstrings. These muscle in the back of the legs attach to the pelvis. When these muscles are tight or inflexible they pull on the pelvis creating abnormal motions which increase the strain on the ligaments and joints. Now as most sugar land chiropractors know a problem in the pelvis quickly translates up to the lumbar spine or the low back. This will alter the normal forces which affect the lumbar spine and create pain in the area from strain on the muscle tendons and joint.
Exercises on the other hand help increase strength and can help restore the body to a healthy state. At Restoration Health we have a variety of exercises which we perform with patients. These exercises range from cardio exercises to improve the heart health and get the blood flowing to more intensive exercises to rehabilitee a shoulder that has undergone rotator cuff surgery due to injury.
A phrase which is often used in the office here at Restoration Health is that motion heals. Most sugar land chiropractors have heard this phrase before or will at least attribute it to joint motion healing the body. We know that a body which is moving will heal better and heal faster. I know that my patients who perform the home exercises which are provided in combination with the exercises performed in the office will return to health more quickly than those who only perform exercises in the office.
Now this active care will speed along the recovery of the patient but a great benefit as well is the educational aspect it provides to them. Some sugar land chiropractors will provide some home exercises and be done at the end of care. At Restoration Health because we have incorporated active care into the treatment plan already we can progress the exercises and provide great exercises which can be done by the patient at home even after they have recovered from their injury. This is where the long term goal comes into play. We have provided the tools for the patient that they can use n their own for any future injury which may come into play. We have equipped them with the knowledge they can use outside of whatever injury brought them to our office in the first place. And that to me is a chiropractor doing their job.
Thank you for joining us. I do hope you found tonightís podcast on active care educational and informative. As always should you or someone you know require the services of sugar land chiropractors or have questions please call and schedule an appointment today at Restoration Health. We would love to be able to help. Thank you and I hope you have a great evening. Good night.