Thank you for joining us again this evening for these nightly podcast. I do these in the hopes that you are able to pull information out and apply it to your life to better education yourself and enable you to make an informed discussion. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Last time we started our discussion on personal injury and car accidents. Tonight we will dive into how treatment plans work for those affected by a car accident.
Most people believe treatment plans for car accident differ from normal treatment plans. While there are some differences the goal of someone suffering from a car accident is the same goal as someone you was injured in some other means, returning the patient to a healthy state.
As sugar land chiropractors are experts in neuromusculoskeletal areas of the body we specialize in treatments for the areas injured most often in car accidents. This means that the rehabilitation performed in these offices will be the type of therapy required to help someone return from a car accident.
Now at Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office we perform X-rays for patients who have suffered from traumatic mechanisms of injuries. This means that all my car accident patients will have X-ray imaging towards the beginning of the care. Whether this is done at a hospital prior to coming to our office or ordered from our office will depend on the scenario.
Conversely not all patients coming in from other injuries will have X-ray imaging. Their mechanism of injury will determine that.
Now it is protocol in our office that we review those images with the patient . I know I myself am a visual person and I have found through my expertise that most patients better connect with their health when they can see and understand what the images are showing. This means no matter if it is a car accident or some other injury where X-rays are being taken we will review those images with them.
Now therapy can be broken into two types. There is active and passive therapies. Most sugar land chiropractor perform passive therapies with their patients but not all of them do. At Restoration Health we perform both active and passive therapies so as to provide the best treatment available to our patients.
Passive therapies are therapies which do not require active effort on part of the patient. These therapies include things such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound. We have covered those therapies in past podcasts and will review those again in future podcasts. Passive therapies are performed and make the patient fee good. They are aimed at things like decreasing pain and reducing muscle tension. Where most sugar land chiropractors fail with their patients is they forget that passive therapies are geared towards the short term. Long term benefits from passive therapy is negligible.
Active care is where long term benefits come about. These active therapies are therapies where the patient is engaged and being active with the therapy. For patients at Restoration Health this is where the rehabilitation comes into play. The exercises and stretches performed help strengthen the damaged tissue, increase mobility, and help promote healing. This is the therapy that provides long term improvements for the patients benefit. The reason most sugar land chiropractors limit active care is the time involved. It takes time to perform exercises and stretching. It takes time for the benefits to show. Therefore most focus on the short term benefits and sacrifice the long term positives for the patient. That is not the case with Restoration Heath. We focus on active care with our patients to provide the long term benefits and to promote a return to health.
Now some patients will also have MRI imaging with their car accident case. These patients while improving still exhibit enough symptoms to warrant the MRI imaging. This imaging is more advanced than X-ray imaging and shows much greater detail. It can show the soft tissue involved in the injury where the X-ray imaging just shows the bone structures.
In comparison few patients which come to sugar land chiropractor with no sever trauma will progress to an MRI. This is due to the mechanism of injury and the symptoms persisting at that point in the treatment plan.
Similar to the X-ray imaging at Restoration Health we review the Mri imaging with the patients. Again this gives the patient a better understanding of their health and the injuries they sustained in their accident. Depending on the findings of the MRI imaging the treatment plan can vary. Should there be a torn ligament or other soft tissue a consultation with the appropriate orthopedic doctor may be required. Depending on the disc herniation combined with the symptoms the patient is exhibiting a referral to pain management may be required. Should the finding show an injury but the progress from the patient is indication the conservative care meaning the active and passive care is working continuation of the conservative care may be needed.
The important thing to remember when at Restoration Health is that we do not provide cookie cutter treatment plans. The symptoms and injuries dictate what treatment is performed. Just because you were in a certain type of accident does not mean you will always have x y and z therapies. We perform that which is required to get you better. This is the same with any injury a patient comes in with. We always make the treatment plan for you not make you fit the treatment plan. We know that not all knee injuries are the same just as we know not all car accidents are the same.
Thank you for joining us tonight. I do hope you found this podcast on treatment plans educational and informative. Should you or someone you know been affected by a car accident please give Restoration Heath a premier sugar land chiropractors office a call today to schedule an appointment to get you back to better heath. I hope to see you for tomorrowís podcast. Have a good night and see you tomorrow.