The history of trolls is quite fascinating to Sugar Land Chiropractors. If you are passing under the shadow of Norway or Swedenís mountain ranges, you might notice that the countryside is littered with boulders. However, these boulders did not arrive at their final resting place by themselves. Many of these folders were weapons of the giant trolls who once roamed the land. And I feel with the boulders have not even more spectacular history. These folders are actually the bodies of trolls themselves that were turned to stone because they were exposed to day life.
A troll is a humanoid creature that dwell deeply in the wilderness of Scandinavia. The appearance ranges from monstrous to eccentric too cute. Trolls are notoriously unfriendly. An encounter with a Troll almost never ends well. If it were possible the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors wish that trolls were friendly.
Scandinavian folklore talks about two different kinds of Trolls. The giant troll which is called a Jontar. The Jontar trolls are considered superhuman characters get many of their characteristics from the ancient Norse ice giants. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would not like to meet up with a troll. Their hair is wild, and their features are rugged. Some of these trolls are so large and unkempt that plants can even take root in their skin. The ugliest Jontar can have a single eye much like a cyclops and they can even have multiple heads.
The second troll that Scandinavian folklore talks about is the little folk troll which is called a Huldrefolk. These trolls are much more attractive than their giant cousins. Sometimes, these trolls can be mistaken for humans. They can only be betrayed as trolls instead of humans by their tails. Their tails can be cow like or fox like. However, they can hide their tails within clothing. It is interesting to Sugar Land Chiropractors that trolls intentionally hide their tails.
Trolls are very primitive creatures. They prefer to isolate themselves from human civilization. The live-in caves or murky forests outside the reach of manís civilization. Trolls will sometimes come to gather making a small community. However, they have little to no form of government. The strongest of the trolls might be crowned as a king and gain the right to order the others around. Trolls tend to have a strong dislike for religion. Legend has it that it was Thorís thunderbolts along with the church bells ringing which drove the trolls into exile. They are quick to attack travelling Christians and will kidnap un-baptized children. They have even been known to demolish churches.
Many trolls support themselves by hunting or farming. Most trolls support themselves by pillaging from humans. They will waylay travelers, take all their valuable and sometimes eat the humans. The most daring of trolls might even launch an expedition into a village. Here they will destroy building, take treasures, and kidnap children or beautiful ladies.
Trolls tend to be somewhat dim-witted creatures. Therefore, they are not in the habit of cultivating talents. It is unfortunate says Sugar Land Chiropractors that trolls are not intelligent creatures. The greatest skills they tend to have are simply the ones they are born with. These include brute strength and a strong connection to nature. Trolls can uproot trees to us a clubs and hurl boulders as missiles. The strongest of trolls is capable of stirring up a thunderstorm or avalanche.
The small trolls are more advanced than their giant cousins. They also have more tricks up their sleeves. Female huldras tend to have beautiful voices that mimic wind and falling water. It would be interesting for Sugar Land Chiropractors to hear a troll singing. They can lure humans into the wilderness with their sweet songs. Other huldras have minor magical abilities that can make humans fall asleep, lose track of time, see vision of treasure and much, much more.
Trolls are often considered experts in the manufacturing of stone and metal objects and live in caves or below ground as the fear sunlight. The reason they fear sunlight is because it can turn them into stone. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would not want to see a troll turned to stone by sunlight.
There are mixed descriptions on what a troll looks like. Some say they have snouts which resemble those of a boar, others say they have horns and yet others say they are bi-cephalous or have two heads. In other tales, they do not have snouts, but they do have very prominent nose.
The largest common denominator between all the trolls, large and small, is their lack of intelligence. Humans are able to trick the trolls easily, but this is only possible because of their ability to communicate with humans. Trolls also possess another ability and that is they can regenerate cells to heal quickly, plus they can become invisible and travel weightlessly with the wind.
As we discussed earlier, trolls usually live in forests or cave. When walking through dense forest Sugar Land Chiropractors are carefully not to run into a troll. They can be found in the center of Norway in a place called Trolltunga. This cliff is said to be the result of two troll armies that were turned to stone when the sun caught them by surprise. There is a road in Norway called Trollstigen and is one of the most perilous roads ever to exist. In Sweden, there is a place call Trollhattan, which means trollís bonnet and another place call Trollkyrka, which means trollís church.
There are some strange facts about trolls. The Vikings believed that rolls were evil night spirits. Their night behavior ranges from insulting humans to kidnapping and enslaving humans and sometimes cooking and eating humans.
Sweden and Norway, being two countries where trolls live have a cross which will protect you from them as they are considered to be diabolical creatures. The trollís cross is still an extremely popular pendent and can be found in collars and all types of amulets. This cross is easily recognized by its intertwining ends.
Another interesting fact about trolls is that they only have four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. They also have a tail which they usually hide. Another distinguishing feature is their eyes, as many trolls have one eye in the center of the forehead.