Martha Dandridge was born on June 2, 1731 and was raised by a prominent family in New Kent County Virginia period she was taught to read and write at a young age which developed into a lifelong passion for all kinds of literature such as novels, magazine, and scripture. A member of the planter class, Martha also learned the customs and etiquette required to move about seamlessly through Virginia society.
She was described as sincere and attractive, unique combination of quiet beauty and personality that enticed many potential suitors. But it was her fluent neighbor Daniel partner Kurt stairs that one her heart and they were married on May the fifteen 7050. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. Seven years in four children lighter Daniel died at the age of 45 making Martha not only a widow but also the wealthiest woman in the colonial Virginia. Nearly two years later Martha Dandridge cause this Mary George Washington on January 6, 1759. Their relationship was mutually beneficial. More than was not only exceptionally wealthy but also eminently skilled implantation management and maintaining the vast cusses a state. George’s exploits in the French and Indian war had made him a hero in the colonies and his decision to retire from military to take his seat in the House of burgesses further enhanced his reputation. There was also growing affection between the two, one that deepened overtime as of Washingtonís experienced war in peace together.
In a time when long distance travel was both difficult and dangerous Martha journey to Cambridge Valley Forge Philadelphia Ann Morristown to support her husband and the soldiers in their disease ridden winter encampments. Upon his assent to the presidency she joined him in the New York in lighter Philadelphia. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. As our nation’s first ìfirst ladyî Martha said important social political presidents by building the stage of presidential hospitality with her warmth. She held weekly receptions for melon female guests on Friday evenings which were generally more informal and genial compared to presidents Tuesday levies that was exclusively for men. After leaving Philadelphia George and Martha retired to Mount Vernon where they spent the remainder of their days hosting guests managing the state and raising Martha’s grandchildren. After George’s death in 1799 Martha Byrne their private correspondence as was not uncommon during that time period less than three years later she died at Mount Vernon by the 22nd 18 outed. While only three other letters survived Martha’s constant present at George’s side during the American Revolution his presidency and it might burn it illuminated the mutual reverence, they shared for one another as America’s first couple.
Abigail Smith was born on November11, 1744 in Massachusetts. On her mother side she was descended from the Quincyís a family of great prestige in the colony.

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Like other women at the time Africa like formal education but curiosity Carter keen intelligence and she read avidly the books at hand. Reading created a bond between her, and young John Adams and they were married in 1764. It was a marriage of the mind and of the heart in during for more than half a century.
In 10 years, she wore three sons and two daughters. Abigail looked after family at home when John went traveling to serve the country they loved. Her letters pungent, witty, in vivid spell just as she spoke detailed her life in the towns of revolution. They tell the story of a woman who struggle with wartime shortages and inflation, farm with minimum of helping taught for children when formal education was interrupted. They tell of her loneliness without her dearest friend.
In 1784 she joined him at the diplomatic post in Paris period after 1785 she filled the role of wife of the 1st united states minister To Great Britain. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. They returned to Massachusetts in 1788 to the handsome home they had just acquired in brain tree later called Quincy.
His wife of the 1st Vice President Abigail became a good friend of Martha Washington and valued helped in official entertaining, drawing on her experience of courts and society abroad. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. After 1791, however poor health forced her to spend as much time as possible in Quincy. Illness found her resolute. She wants declared she would not forget the blessings with sweet and life.
When John Adams was elected president, she continued her formal pattern of entertaining even in the primitive conditions he found at the new capital in November 1800. The city was wilderness the president’s house far from complete but for three months in Washington the dually held official dinners and receptions.
The Adams retired to Quincy in 1901 as for 17 years enjoy the companionship that public life had long denied them for debacle Adams died in night 1818 and is buried beside her husband in united first parish church. She leaves her country and most remarkable record as patriotic first lady wife of one president and mother of another.
At age 22 Martha was already a widow and heiress and a mother whose first born son would die in early childhood. Family tradition says she was accomplished, beautiful and lead by many pre when Thomas Jefferson came courting perhaps, The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. I love her music cement at the romances compared Jefferson played the file and any ordered his new bride I fortepiano for the home he was filtering in Monticello
Martha was born on October 31st, 1748 periods married Jefferson as her childhood home near Williamsburg VA on New Year’s Day in 1772. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. Reaching Monticello in a snowstorm after dark the couple toasted their new house with leftover bottled wine insomnia Mary met and laughter. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. The night on their own mountain top the love of Martha and Thomas Jeff seemed strong enough to endure any adversity. The paragraph the birth of their daughter Martha in September increased her happiness. In 10 years of family gained found more children too. Only to live to grow up Martha called Patsy Ann Marie called Maria or Poly.
The strain of frequent parks awaken Martha so greatly that Thomas cartel is political activities stay near her period he refused an appointment as commissioner to France. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find the first ladies to be interesting. Just after New Year’s Day 1781 abridgement Asian forced Martha to flee the capital Richmond with an infant girl who died in April. In June, the family barely escaped an enemy radar Monticello. She wore another dollar headed the following may and never regained strength. Jefferson wrote homemade its 20th that her condition was so dangerous period after months of tending her devotedly he noted in his account book for September the 6th 1782 my dear wife died this day at 11:45 AM.