Governors State secretary at dawn love this before I’m at night that he she had left her husband because she no longer sugar land chiropractors wanted to be living her life as a lie. She wants to start living us a true self and be able to express who she really was and that was the reason why she had left home and her husband and decided to stay at the hotel in the meantime till she found a steep home. Madrid had decided then where to get the governor state Secretary mind off of what she had seen the night it would be a smart idea to invite her out to dinner and celebrate her life that was the new I’m going to start. Both of the ladies agreed and decided against it was saying that they were going to have lunch together. She told the governor state Secretary to go back to her room and get some rest as she was going to his house and forget about that night. The governor’s secretary would immediately sugar land chiropractors straight to bed but Mildred had other plans in mind. Mildred decided that she was going to call that number that the man had in his trench coat and speak to the person who was behind all this. You that the number belong to the person who had hired him to kill the doctor and she wanted to get to the bottom of it all. She’s out of the number and answered one of the maids of the rich lady who had hired a young man to killer dr. He handed her the phone to the rich lady and Mildred talk to her and told her that her hit man had died and that if she sugar land chiropractors wanted more information on how to be able to reach the doctor that she was going to be staying at the motel in St Lucia and that she should be able to see her and meet her there. The first lady was not buying anything Mildred was saying at the beginning because she had no idea where she had to come from and why all of a sudden she was interested in killing the doctor as well but it ended up pursuing her and Lady is harder that she would be meeting her sugar land chiropractors there eventually and quickly hung up the phone. Meldrum thought she was rude but she knew that her friend was going at work and that the lady who is Rich was eventually going to show up to the motel in St Lucia so that she could finally be able to meet her and get to the bottom as to why she was trying to kill the dr. The next day I don’t want to speak to the doctor and told to meet her at a local bar so that they both could have some drinks. The doctors decided that I was a good idea and he showed up awesome drinks with Mildred but he had other intentions in mind. She told the doctor that she should get rid of Mrs. bucket has a heifers and make her the head nurse. The doctor was confused as to why Mildred wanted to become the sugar land chiropractors head nurse the motors insisted that the smart decision for him was to make her a head nurse and that he had to because she had helped him cover up and get rid of two different people already and that she should be able to trust him and that the reason why she want to be a nurse that was for his best interest in that he had to do what she said. He was not glad to be blackmailed by Mildred but he knew he had no other choice and so he immediately agreed on making her the head nurse. The following nervous he asked the suspect had to go to his office so that they could be able to talk and knowing Mrs. bucket she definitely had a huge crush sugar land chiropractors on the doctor but the doctor could not stand the head nurse. He called her into the office and told her that she had to immediately resign her position as head nurse but she was still not going to be fire completely from the office so you just needed a big step down. confused as to why she was no longer going to be the head nurse but most importantly wanted to know who then you had worse was going to be and he quickly told her that it was going to be Mildred. Future and the head nurse did not have quite the best relationship. They always butt heads and now to know that Mildred was going to take her position as head and it made her even more Furious but she knew she had to behave because she still wanted the job sugar land chiropractors I wish you was still going to be able to be working within the hospital seeing the doctor on a daily basis. Afternoon Mildred went down to the basement to see the prisoner that they had locked up and she told him that she had finally convinced the doctor to make her head hurt nurse. And that if everything went well and their problems going accordingly she was eventually going to be able to convince the doctor to get him out of there. But she told the prisoner who is also her brother that he needed to come flying on what they were doing until stop messing around with the front desk nurse. She told him about an idea that she had planned on making a Spring Fling for the nurses sugar land chiropractors and patients in the psychiatric ward and that he had to sign up to be able to attend. The prisoner agreed and so as first duty as head nurse Mildred gathered a meeting to tell the staff about her spring fling idea.