It was going to go very real and one smoothly for her. Mildred and Miss Pickett both had plans for the hospital. They have both decided that they were going around the hospital in a different way than the doctor I’ve never arrived sugar land chiropractors and that was why they need that they had a kid’s the doctor out of there so that they could be able to continue with the plan into what they needed in order to make the hospital Succeed. The doctor ended up leaving with impatient about the Mildred and Mrs. bucket started to run things the way how they had wanted it to run in the very beginning when the doctor left he took the new patient and checked into a hotel as far as he could with a fake name so that he could not be recognized. Total patient to get dressed so that they could go and have some dinner and then go back home and get some rest. Meanwhile the patients sugar land chiropractors brought happy to have Mississippi doctor for the meantime and Mildred and the rest of the staff continue to work normal. Suddenly the police arrived and it arrived with militants brother who had finally been caught after running away and escaped in the hospital with the assistant nurse that used to be at the front desk. You see what had happened was when they both ran away they both ran away into this Plainfield where nobody would be able to catch them. They left the car there and continue to walk brother as far as they could so that the police could not find them. They ended up staying at the banded house that they had sugar land chiropractors seen where nobody lives so that they could to be from hide there. They were hanging out and enjoying the company of their selves but the killer knew that he could not stay there for long because the police were not going to get up I’m trying to find him and they had to keep on moving quick so that they would not be found. On the other hand the old nurse who used to be at the front desk was taking things I don’t know much more different approach and more calm. She told him that he needed to relax a bit and then they should just both enjoy themselves as they were finally going to be able to start their new lives and be together. They found a gun that was stayed sugar land chiropractors behind in the house and they took it as if a protection so that in case the police came they would be able to protect themselves. They ended up saying that night at the bar of the house because the house inside was filled with lots of rats and so they needed a much more safer place. They always so sheets down on the floor and stayed on the hay in the barn so that they cannot become. As soon as the early morning came the killer quickly woke up and told the nurse on the front test that they both had to leave immediately because they were going to be found there that did not look. She wanted to stay there for a little bit longer but he insisted on leaving and so just as they were both fixing to go out the door and walk out the Barnyard they open the door and they saw several cop cars around it but I’m all around the barn and sugar land chiropractors tell them that they could not escape and that they had finally been caught. He quickly shut the Barn Door shrimp and they both began to panic because they did not know what they could do next. They had finally been caught and they were going to pay for the consequences of them killings they had done at the Spring Fling. He told her to the nurse from the front desk that he was going to turn himself in and say that he had kidnapped her so that she could be able to be free the price for everything that had done. She told him that it was not a good idea and that she wanted to stay with him and did not want him to turn himself in but he insisted because he said that it was the best for the both of us. She wanted to stay with him and think of something else that sugar land chiropractors they could do so I take Kelly but there was no other choice they were already trapped and they cannot leave and get out so they have to do I love to do which was turn themselves in but he would take the blame for everything so that she could be left free. He went out in the barn and put his pants up behind his back and told the officers immediately gave them sugar land chiropractors he had done all the killings by himself and he had taken Pinterest a sausage and that she had no phone and anything of what they were doing so that if they could please not order hurt her. The officers did not pay any attention but then suddenly when he was on the floor and being arrested she came out with the gun and shop at one of the officers who had surrounded the storm so that they could not Escape. I immediately knew that their entire plan that they have thought sugar land chiropractors of that was broken and that it was not going to end well. Just says that first shot was done and she do the officer all the other officers around them barn immediately shot at her shooting her multiple times throughout the body knocking her dad on to the ground. He cried she knew that she was already dead and there was no coming back from it.