The doctor immediately went back to his office to go and get started on cleaning up the most. He still there at his desk looking down at what he’s had completely done. He wasn’t shocked and surprised that he had just hit a man in the head with a sugar land chiropractors brick and knocked him unconscious and now he was going to get rid of him with the help of Mildred. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he was doing but he knew that he had no other choice than to do this because this man was being paid by a woman to go after him and kill him. He did not kill him then he would be killed and he did not want that for himself so he knew he had no other choice but to take the hard way and to kill the man. He was in the bathroom cleaning sugar land chiropractors up all the mess when in suddenly walked in the governor’s secretary assistant. She walked in and she thought that everything was very quiet and everyone was acting very suspicious in the entire hospital. When she walked into the room with the doctor and his office she saw that it was completely dark and nobody was around. She looked on to the ground and saw that there was a spot so she ducked down and I touched it with her hands and realized that it was blood in the carpet. The nurse was very confused as to why that blood was there and what happened but the doctor insisted that it was nothing what she thought and that’s it was just something that he had gotten her and that’s why he was being cleaned. He did ask her what sugar land chiropractors she was doing there and that was when the nerves the secretary of the governor was being very suspicious on the doctor and persuading him that it was a very important info for the governor to have the killer that was in the hospital psychiatric basement be prosecuted for the death penalty. The doctor was not focusing because his head was in different other concerns of what was going on and he didn’t know what to tell the governor secretary assistant. Meanwhile in the treatment room without noticing the man was burning up in the hot tub and his skin was starting to peel off. He tried and tried so hard and pushed on the cover of the sugar land chiropractors hot tub as fast as he could and as hard as he could to get it off so that he can get out of there immediately. The extreme temperature sugar land chiropractors and how much he was burning up he was able to put all his Force into it and not the top of the hot tub off of him so that he could get out of there. As soon as it knocked off he quickly got out of the hot dog and drop to the ground. His skin was all completely burnt and his body was covered in blisters. He was in excruciating pain but he was lucky to be alive and not burned alive to die in sugar land chiropractors that hot tub or Mildred in the doctor had put him in. He knew he had to get out of there quick but he could not stand up so he had no other choice but to crawl and crawl away so he was able to get to safety. Mildred went back into the hallway because she wanted to check up on him to see if he had already died in the hot tub but just cut she was about to open the door she decided that she should give him more time and she left the door unlocked and went back into the doctor’s office to see if he had cleaned up his mess. when Mildred went into the doctor’s office she saw that the governor’s secretary was there and she was not surprised seeing her because she knew that the governor state Secretary was following her any that she was up to something. Like she immediately asked what was going on and try to get the doctor sugar land chiropractots to go away so that he would not reveal any details of what was going on. Meanwhile the man was able to get out of the treatment room by crawling out and he went on to the hallway. The only people that were walking around in the psychiatric hospital was the security guard in a young patient who had gotten up to get a glass of milk. The security guard had seen the young patient walking around and told him that it was after hours and that all patients should be into their rooms. The Empire explained to him what he was going on and the security guard told him that he would be able to score him back to his room and that he could not go out. As a security guard anthem patient or walking back to the room the patient looked across the hallway and saw that the man who was out of the hot tub was crawling on the floor and his skin was off and with blisters and he was not recognizable. He cannot believe what is on his way he had seen and the security guard also start to look and saw what the young man was looking at. The security guard told the patient to go back to his sugar land chiropractors room immediately and not to come out. He also told the man that was burned to not get close to him because if not he was going to shoot. But the young man did not listen and he continued walking towards him so the security guard had no other choice but to shoot him. The doctor, Mildred and the governors secretary All heard the shots from the office and quickly ran to see what it was.