Just took him immediately back to the psychiatric hospital and it was going to be put down for all the crimes that he had done but as well as for taking the nurse who had been shots all as well. He had her I done to the hospital and sugar land chiropractors he made it really so I’m not sure that she was there a necessarily waiting for him but he knew that he was in the bit of trouble with her because they had originally had a plan put them together so that he could be able to get released and he had from that all the way I’m Taking It Away by going off and doing this other plan and running away with the nurse from the front desk. She was very upset the prison guards taking me mediately down into the cellar and not let him out whatsoever. Later that night the governor arrived and was very sugar land chiropractors furious with both the doctor and his staff. He was yelling at the doctor. Is that the prisoner has escaped and especially with one of his nurse that the judge was delicious and could not defend himself but Madrid and mainly jumped in knowing what to say. Governor got even more mad and told Mother to stay out of it as this and nothing to do with her because she was not the doctor. Midland stay quiet and yes she had no other choice but to keep to herself and I’ll do anything for you. The doctor insisted that sugar land chiropractors the killer would be set for trial and he would be executed immediately and it was the end for the put on and that he had no other choice But to stay quiet and not say anything because it was not in her position to do so. The doctor also has very quietly and did not say anything because you felt ashamed of the embarrassment I was going on in the hospital and he is at the governor did have a bit of a right to say something about there being no help with in the hospital because of the incident that had happened the night before. Can you if you were to stand up against ago for her that he would stop funding his hospital and that was something that he did not want. He wanted to finish building his barn for the patients and so he just let the governor sugar land chiropractors do as he pleased. That night governor was in his office and Gwendolyn went in to try to talk to him about his steak and game to Claremore Pink Matter on how he was going to handle the execution of the killer. The governor and call mad and had wanted to bring out the old Sparky electric chair to fry The Prisoner and going to want that I should be better approach on having to execute the prisoner by putting him through later injection. Governor disagreed what Cornell I was telling him and instead he ended up firing her which reflect her worried because she was now very sick and had to do it over and left without a job and a husband. I tried to get her to calm down and tell her that she could be able to help her if I need her a good doctor but she needed her helpers to get the governor to start thinking more rationally and not sentence her brother threw that you liked your chair as it was very Humane and that if he was going to be executed that it should be done until injection. The government decided to meet with I’m gone for dinner when it came walking and Mildred as well. The governor was happy to see them both because he like them both and wanted to get with him a little did he not know that they were already together. Much of the porch with the idea on how he thought it was very Humane that he wanted to kill the prisoner through the execution by electric chair and try to her best to convince him I’m getting him to just go through the sugar land chiropractors Weeds on charge him but he does not agree and instead ended up getting a little upset after he found out that they were together hello and told her that there was no other choice option for them but what was given to them and that they could either take it or leave it. The governor ended up walking away from both the ladies and they posted and Son of thinking that there was something more that they can do because the governor had already made up his mind on how the execution was going to be made and that was going to be the end of it. Who won the doctor ended up running away with prisoner who have checked sugar land chiropractors in herself from multiple personalities he checked into a hotel under a different name and told her that if they were going to have breakfast in the afternoon that they were going to get some rest. After having lunch the doctor in an adult and the Prisoner of her idea that he was going to try to take her to Mexico so that he could be able to find sugar land chiropractors a cure + cure her there and that she would be feeling Or he would no longer be in trouble. excuse me the patient thought that it was a great idea and really look up to the doctor for having taken care of her had high hopes that the. Just go well as planned and he sugar land chiropractors would be able to cure her. I ended up going back to the room that day after dinner and he was just as putting her to bed when he heard a knock on the doorf