Last year around the end of summer time right before I start a girl. I ended up taking a last minute how do I country to Mexico. It was very last minute something definitely worth it because I was able to enjoy time with my friends and family that were over there. They started like any other usual day as you know where we all go just we’re together as a team and spend sugar land chiropractors time together. I ended up going to work to my and although it was just something part-time I knew that it was then that would give me enough time to do the stuff that I needed to do before I would have to leave. The money started as usual I woke up and I got ready and then I got my son ready and I went to go drop them off at his babysitter now so that she could watch while I work. Then I went to working I did my usual Rounds Around the park and everything that needed to be done in the office and it’s just so very short ship so by the time I had about now. It was fun. I got off of work out 1 p.m. and then friends go back home and I started to pack everything up it’ll be packed up and ready to go for the trip in the afternoon. I ended up going the luggageĂ­s sugar land chiropractors were we won in packing the things and then I went to go put gas in the car a lot. It would be ready to go. By then it was already 2:30 and I’m not going to go pick up my son and I went to go eat with my mother before we headed out. We went to the store and buy a couple of last-minute stuff that we need it and then we went out to eat because we were both hungry. All we got back showing home to go make her luggage and I told her that we were going to meet at my place so that might have been cut again out and we would all go together. then when we got back how can I get out of work and I need to go pick him up because he did not have a car since sugar land chiropractors it was not working and that’s how we’re going to mechanic so hot, I was taking him to a friend work on sofa after I finish eating dinner with my mom I wasn’t trying to go pick up my husband from work what you going to do exactly like at 4 by the time I got home it was like 4:30 so we cook like a home and he took a shower and I packed a lot of things and got my son ready and then he ate and he was ready to go but I didn’t even have a chance to get myself ready and take a shower. So I’ll just quickly change clothes and I’m tired of paying but I wasn’t necessarily dirty I just wanted to take a bath because of course it was going to be a long trip but so I knew I didn’t have enough sugar land chiropractors time so I just love like that and change them packed everything and then my hood my mom at my place and we saw the bags and then decided to head out. We headed out and it was about a five-hour drive to hunt assassination And so we drove there. As we were driving there I was starting to get dark because it was late in the afternoon so we did end up leaving out of the house to like about 5:30. I’m going to stop 3 hours of driving because we had to use the bathroom and stretch for a bit so we got off the car and went to the bathroom and got a couple snacks and then headed back on the road I thought we could head out to sugar land chiropractors her by no destination. By then my mother was already waiting for us my family were waiting for us to arrive and we were cuddling message and letting them know that we were fixing to arrive and where we’re at and an estimated arrival time. So when we arrived to the park. We had to pay for the parking space to leave her car until we took us out of work bags I walk towards the bridge so that we could make it to the other side. It was already about 30 at night when we cross the bridge and law though it was still open because it’s open 24 hours there sugar land chiropractors were a couple people still there who are crossed into it pause with their luggage and made it to the Mexican side where we went through the security guards and then they let us through. What we going to the building my cousin was already waiting for us on the other side of the country in the Mexico to take us to my mom’s house. He took us to my own house I we didn’t I didn’t arrive until around 11 and then we got there we ended up talking and it a little bit more I just catch up and down a little bit more talking into not in the sleeping till late in the early morning around 2 a.m. so it’s a good time to spend time with your friends and family because it’s not often that you see that moment when you go and you do a last-minute trip with one sugar land chiropractors that we had to Sun Devils just go to overall catch up and talk about things that you normally do not talk about and enjoy each other’s company. Men of the same for their days and we went to a family party sugar land chiropractors that was going on that we had toga dress up I was very formal.