When it was time to go I could run back to work the following day meme and she told the lady that she no longer wanted to work for her and that she was not willing to kill the doctor anymore I already thought of something else sugar land chiropractors I’m more important that she needed a focus on. The day of the dance came and just hold her prisoner brother that you could be part of to the DMs around noon that everyone was already told you that they had not speak or anything to him and that he should just stick to the plan was he had previously discussed so that nothing could be ruined. Little did she know that he off of his own with the front lady In the desk. They had both came up with the idea that they were going to run away together and be happy. The day of the dance when he was going to be so afraid she sugar land chiropractors was going to show up as well and have the car rating for him so that they could both ran out of there quickly and leave on to start their new life. Round trip is not aware of this idea because she thought that the plan of her and her brother was supposed to be for them anyways so she was fighting to people all have a good time at the party. The doctor brought up one of the patients who had admitted himself into the psychiatric hospital due to her multiple personalities. He had been able to cure her by sizing her the day before and making all her multiple personalities go away. He told her that she was to be saved the party and that it was finally time for her to just have a good time and forget all the drama that she has gone through. The security guard at seeing the patient and thought that she looked extremely beautiful that night and was offered her to dance with him. She agreed and both the patient and the security guard dance the night away and enjoy each other’s company. Will and Gwendolyn both decided that they were going to keep apart from each other because they did not want to make any suspicion to anyone in the hospital but they all were to have a good time. I would had threatened the doctor to go to the dance with the old head nurse Miss bucket. She had a huge crush on the doctor and everyone knew it but sugar land chiropractors the doctor could not stand her one bit. He did however agree to go to the dance with her because Mozart was blackmailing him on if he did not do what she told him she was going to reveal the truth about him and stuff that was why he had agreed to go with her to the Spring Fling. This is polka however was very happy to be in the presence of the Dodger and wanted to Just Dance the Night Away with him but because he was very upset about having to go with the dance with her he took some secret medication before the dance that cause them to hallucinate and react differently and make him walk home.

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Before going to the dance with this pack it had met with her old flapper friend who also happened to be that lady who owns the motel where Mildred was staying. Her and her friend had both decided that while she was at the sugar land chiropractors dance that the bride were going to Mildred’s bedroom and go through her stuff and see what she was up to. Mrs. Puckett was convinced that much it was up to no good and it was her job to figure out what She was up to. The friend of the suspected agreed and Somas was having a good time on her own with the doctor. Findlay the nurse from the front desk arrived and was waiting on them to bring out the prisoner to the dance floor. The security guards brought him and Unchained him from the handcuffs and he was finally free. They both got together and started to dance but looking from afar Mildred was staring nodded her head at prison are brothers so that they could proceed with the plan as they had discussed. The prisoner was looking around to make sure that nothing was I’m normal and when everything was gone and no one would suspect a thing he quickly went and took out the piece of sharp class that Mildred had placed for him underneath the dessert table. He grabbed it and robbed security guard who had been dancing with the patient who suffered multiple illnesses Read his throat open. The patient immediately started to freak sugar land chiropractors out and went back to her old ways of that multiple personalities. This is because whenever the patient experiences a severe trauma it triggers or multiple personalities to come back into play and because I just witnessed the death of the security guards throat being slit open it cause her multiple personalities to come back she became screaming and yelling frantically. then when he slid the security guard throw open the nurse from the front desk took out a gun and wanted people to get back so that they could both run away but Gwendolyn caught in the way trying to call him and she accidentally shot her on the bottom sugar land chiropractors of her left breast. Mildred was extremely shocked at what had just happened. Then when that happened both the prisoner and the nurse from the front desk run away together in her car that she had been waiting in the front I’m both vanished off into the night without anyone knowing where they would be going and what they were up to. Everyone started screaming and yelling and all ran off.